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"No, that was crap, you can't even do that!" Mitch yelled, his arm pointing at the screen, his head turned back towards Auston, who had a shit eating grin on. "Oh my god!" 

"Mitchell, relax." Steph rolled her eyes at her passionate boyfriend.

I could help but smile down at Auston, and take in how happy he was.

Auston hadn't left out a single detail from what I had heard, and even gave me more of a background. He didn't mean to string her along. He thought that his feelings would develop for her, and they just never came. He thought there was something wrong with him that he couldn't feel anything for these girls, and it changed when he met me. He said it had all changed when he had met me. Was it just a line? I honestly had no clue, but everything in the way he spoke and his emotions made me trust him.

I sat on Auston's lap, his arms around me to hold on to the controller as he played Mitch in some hockey game. He refused to let me go anywhere but his lap, as he claimed I was his good luck charm.

Fred, Matty, Mo, Will, and Kaddy were all over to play video games with the guys. We had been out with the other WAGS, but once our day out was over, we went back home to the guys. 

They were finishing off a three game home stand, before the all-star break, so they were spending some team time together. 

You would think that traveling with these guys, and being with them as much as they were, they wouldn't want to spend free time with the, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. 

Auston pressed a kiss again my arm, as I focused on the game. It was right. It all felt right.

Auston beat Mitch 5-3, and I couldn't help but laugh at Mitch at the fit he was throwing. I looked at Auston, and he winked at me. 

"You look really beautiful tonight." Auston whispered quietly so only I could hear.

"You don't look too bad yourself, handsome." I kissed his cheek.

"Alright, rematch." Mitch decided. "Let's go Juicy." 

"What if I wanted to play?" I spoke up, all the guns simultaneously turning their head towards me.

"Have you even played NHL 18 before?" Mitch asked.

"No. But I've been watching you guys play. It really can't be that hard." I shrugged.

"I don't want to embarrass you Fin." Mitch shook his head.

"Who says that you'll even beat me?" I asked, my tone cocky.

Collective oooo's filled the room, and Mitch knew he couldn't back down.

"Fine. Let's do this." He said, readjusting his hat, and sitting back down on the couch. 

"How about we make this interesting?" I said, knowing that I could get something good from this.

"A little wager, eh?" Mitch smiled.

"You win, I will clean the entire apartment for a month." I offered.

"Alright, and if you win?"

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