Do you really? Part 6

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Jacs pov:
Me and Zosia had been talking for the last 3 hours, laughing, joking.
It had been amazing. Seeing her again made me feel like the old Jac.
I could be a sarcastic bitch and not feel bad because I knew Zosia matched it.
"How's little Emma."she said, getting up and brushing herself from the Pringle crumbs (fletch had brought us Pringles).
"She's fine, I miss her."I said, smiling.
"I'm gonna head home, as I've got a shift at the cafe tomorrow. Can I come back tomorrow at 5? I can tell you all about this old woman I see everyday!"Zosia laughed.
Zosia had got a part time job at the cafe to make ends meet.
"Sure. It's getting late anyways."I smiled.
"I might see Ollie before I go..."she said.
"Do it, he'd like to see you, even if you guys are on a break." I said.
"And you talk to Fletch. He really likes you, I can tell."she giggled.
"Yeah yeah, whatever. I don't date, and definitely not Fletch."I said sarcastically, flicking my hair.
"You keep telling yourself that."she laughed and flicked her own hair mockingly, smiling broadly at me.
Zosia waved at me, we said our 'see you tomorrows' like we used to and she left.
I grinned to myself. I hadn't been this happy since before the shooting.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
"What did you forget Zosh."I shouted.
Fletch popped his head round the door.
"Hey." He said softly.
"Oh hey! Sorry thought you were Zosh."I said, feeling energised.
"Nah, she's gone to see Ollie."he smiled.
"So, I guess I owe you a Thankyou." I said, giving him a playful punch.
"For?" He said, milking it.
"Getting Zosia here."I grinned.
We sat in silence, just enjoying each other's company and soaking up the silence. I was shaking a little.
"Can we talk..."I said, looking him in the eye.
"Sure."He said, hesitating.
"I... I lov.."I began.
Fletch grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers.
I was choked for words. My voice had left my body.
"It's okay." He said, squeezing my hand.
"You don't understand..."I said.
"Yes I do..." He whispered, shuffling closer to her.
"Do you get it though?" She murmured. She was distracted.
The replay.
Of the accident.
Fredrick menacing smile.
She closed her eyes and screamed, clutching her side.
She opened her eyes expecting blood to be dripping down her, but nothing was there.
Fletch wrapper his arms tightly around her.
"Shhh it's okay." He whispered as Jac began to sob.
"It was a flashback."she choked, crying.
"I know." Fletch said, rocking her slowly.
"I love you..."she whispered.

Fletcher pov:
What did she just say.
I sat in silence, rocking her.
A few minutes later, I asked, "what did you say.."
No answer.
"Jac?" I said.
She was fast asleep in my arms.
I smiled and tucked her into bed.
I left the Room and breathed.
Did Jac just say she loved me?!

Another short one, I've got a lot on at the moment so I'm gonna write as much as possible but may not be 1000 words!!
Anyways, enjoy

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