Chapter 12

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-Dave P.O.V-

Bro's back. You don't know what to feel, when you come home Dirk seems to pick up his scent or something, because he's in protective mode. He pins you to the couch and clings to you.

"Dirk, it's okay. I'm fine, see? No blood." He doesn't budge, in fact he starts sniffing you to see if your bleeding. Jake runs into the house.

"I'm really sorry I'm late getting the food! Apparently this demon attack the school and my brother John, and I had to make sure he was okay!" Holy shit.

"Your Egbert's brother?! Dude we saved him earlier, me and some new friends!" That doesn't explain the accent, but you'll ask questions later. Jake hugs you and thanks you, Dirk is starting to get jelous, well, as jealous as a mindless demon can get. You hear the door open again, it's Karkat, shit! Dirk tackles the poor, unsuspecting guy and pins him to a wall.

"Hey! Back off!" Dirk growls and sniffs Karkat, after a minute dirk lets him go.

"Are you some kinda demon tamer? I can't even calm him down that quickly." Dirk backs the fuck off to Jake.

"He's not calm, I think he's scared of me." You get closer to Karkat.

"This is gonna sound weird, but open your mouth." He does, you see his fangs. He closes your mouth.

"I'm sorry." Oh fuck.

"For?" You think you already know.

"I can sense that your scared of me."

"No it's just, I'm used to seeing demons like Dirk. Innocent people that were turned by cults, the ones that become mindless killing machines. I never really thought, that there were demons like you. I now that sounds really fucking bad bad but-"

"No, I understand, most people think that demons are just mindless blood suckers. Trust me, its fine." Dirk starts crawling back over.

"Dude, we've been over this, just walk on your legs." He sniffs Karkat again and then runs out the door. "Fuck! Dirk! Come back!" You grab Karkat and chase after him.

"This is normal?" This is anything but normal.

"No, everyone thinks he's dead! Also he attacks cats for some reason!"


"He's just not allowed outside!"

"Okay!" You run into the Lalonde mansion, why would Dirk go here? The doors are wide open so you just rush in,  he's on the couch, you think he might be attacking someone, you get even more worried when you see a book on the floor. Is he attacking Rose?! You rush to the other side of the couch. "Kankri!?"

"Hello, Karkat." Kankri responds calmly. You notice Jake come in, the poor guys exhausted, you feel bad for leaving him in the dust. "Oh, Jake, long time no see." He looks like he's gonna faint so you help him to the couch.

"Oh my god!" You hear someone yell from on top of the fancy staircase, they look a lot like Rose, about Dirk's age, probably her sister. "Dirky!" She rushes down the stairs. "Kanks you shoulda told me!" She crosses her arms.

"He ran in and tackled me. Then he started cuddling me? I honestly don't know what he's doing." You see Kankri shrug.

"Jakey, did you know about this?" Shit, she's onto us. Jake's clearly nervous.

"I'm sorry Roxy, he's been like this for almost two years. I was planning on telling you, but-"

"Nah, Jakey I'm messing with you. We kinda found out on our own." Jake lets out a sigh of relief. Karkat tries arguing with Kankri about this, turns out he knew about Bro and Dirk, damn. Kankri goes on to explain his old friend group, with Roxy pitching on at times. It's kinda cool to hear about this, like you could all band together like this new group and save the world, not really, that's just a thought to humor yourself with.

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