first kiss

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Y/n pov

"Ugh mom im going to miss you do i have to go to magcon" i whined "yes hunny and normally kids want to get away from there parent's" i grabbed my bag "mom im going to miss you dont forget that " i kissed her on the cheek and hugged her.

I got in the taxi that lead me to where i was going to meet everyone, tears threatening to spring out my eyes as i waved goodbye to my mum

After about 30 minutes we arrived i grabbed my bag from the truck and made my way in only to bump into someone i closed my eyes expecting for my back to hit the floor but instesd 2 big hand lifted my up.

"I am soo sorry i should have looked where i was going" he chuckled "are you ok" he asked "yeh im fine thanks to you" we stood there for a minute "well i should get going im lost and i dont wana make a bad imperssion on my first day" i say

"Mabye i can help you where are you going" he asked "umh im supossed to be meeting a group called magcon" as i said that his face lit up "nooo way your y/n the new girl, well i am shawn mendes i am in magcon aswell" we shaked hands "well nice to meet you".

"Let me show you where we are"he started walking and i followed him. We soon arrived a a group of boy "hey you must be y/n" a boy asked me he had sandy blonde hair "yes nice to meet you...."matt" he interrupted me "well nice to meet you matt" i smiled. I looked back at shawn and he was starting at me "soo guys this is y/n, y/n this is Taylor, jackj,jackg , matt, Cameron, carter ,Aaron, nash." i smiled and waved

"Soo now that you have all met its time to pick your names out a hat matt do you want to do the honors" he fist bunt the air "hell you" they passed him the hat he shakes it and pulls out a name "taylor and Cameron"
Matt and cater
Jackj and jackg
Aaron and nash
"And last shawn and y/n soo there all your roommates go get your room keys" i looked at shawn and he smirked i walked to reception and asked for my room key they handed me a key which read number 226 i gave shawn the other key and we headed to our room.

After unpacking we were just sat on our beds doing nothing "hey y/n do you wana go for a walk" i looked out the window to see its raining "shawn its raining" he shook his head "im not taking no fo an anser" he picked me up bridal style "if i get ill i will blam you" "it will be worth it " he whispered

Shawn carried me all the way to the park "umh shawn we are at a umh park"i said stating the obvious "i know " we walked over to the swing "y/n i need to confess something" he turned so he was facing me "hit me mendes" he sighs "well since i laid eyes on you i want you your soo cute and perfect im soo glad we got picked to be in a room together i probly sound like the biggest dork right now" he chucked "fuck it" he said he smashed his lips onto mine

"I love you will you be mine"he said in between the kiss "i would love to" i pulled back and reconnected our lips "i love you my dork" we smiled "i love you to my princesses"

Hey guys im sorry for this update it wasnt my best i had to do it in under 10 mins Soo a im sorry ly guys ~n💚💜💙💛

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