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Hey y'all! I'm Abilene! I live with my mother, as well as step father

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Hey y'all! I'm Abilene! I live with my mother, as well as step father. Mom had never talked about my dad.

" Momma, who.. Who is my dad?" I ask.

She looked out the window, put down the cleaner and rag, and faced me.

"Your dad is Cole Swindell." She says.

" You mean country music singer Cole Swindell?" I ask.

"Yes. He and I used to date. We were together for two years, we started to fight so I left. I then found out I was pregnant with you. I decided against telling him. Abilene you look so much like your father and nothing like me." She says.

"I wanna see my dad." I say.

Then her husband Kent walked in.

"Umm right here girl." He says.

"Your not my dad. You were never goin to be my father." I say.

Next thing I knew he slapped me. I then began crying, grabbed my phone, and ran out the door. This wasn't the first time he has hit me either. I ran and ran. I ran to my best friend Alex. I banged on the door and his mom let me in. His parents owned a record label. So they had a big house. She let me in and calmed me down.

"I wanna see my dad." I say.

"Who is your dad?" Alex and his mom ask.

"Cole Swindell." I say.

"Your dad is the Cole Swindell?" Alex asks.

I nod.

"Let me make a phone call." His mom says.

About an hour later, Cole had came in as well as Jason Aldean.

They both looked at me.

"Abilene?" Cole asks.

"How do you know my name?" I ask.

"Your mom told me about you the day you were born. I've been tryin o find you ever since that day." He says.

"Mom said that you didn't want me. But I never knew who was my dad until today." I say.

"Honey how old are you?" He asks.

"Fifteen." I say.

"I would have thought you were seventeen.  Yet again it would be impossible for you to be that old. What is your full name?" He asks.

"Abilene Scarlet- Rainey Swindell." I say.

" Your mom acctuly gave you my middle name and last name." He says surprised.

He then sat down in the recliner in front of me. Jason was on the sofa narrow from me.

"Do you have a place to stay?" Alex asks.

"No. Not tonight. I'm tryin to get outta moms house. I should have when I was ten. Maybe I wouldn't be so damn stupid." I say.

" You ain't stupid. First off, please don't use that language. What do you mean?" Cole asks.

"That was when Kent first hit me." I say.

"That's it. I'm takin your mother to court." He says.

"Kent has no business to even to that." Alex says.

"It was my fault. I didn't do dishes one night and he was drinkin." I say.

"Abilene you listen to me. That wasn't your fault. Especially at ten years old. He never should have put a hand on you. Look, I have a room for you at my house. I always have, I'm gonna make some phone calls I'm gonna do everythin that I can where you ain't gotta go back to your mothers." Cole says.

I nodded. Things were about to change big time.

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