So I didn't do it

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So I didn't read bad fanfics. I read one over and over (one that is actually really really good) and then listened to BVB for like 2 hours (-ish)

And now I'm at the thing we're staying in and I sleep with 2 girls in the same room (one of them is the homophobic Melanie) and we played monopoly (which I didn't want to) and the other girl called my music "wrist slitting" and put on fuckboy pop. DuDe DiD yOu eVeN hEaR tHe LyRycS??? Ok MSI has that one song that's literally called "Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)" but she didn't put that one she just looked at the covers

I have to go to dinner thing in 20 minuets so I'm debating whether I should read bad fanfics and rant about them or reread In The Dark (that amazing one I was talking about). Also there's fucked up Kroppcest so maybe I'll read that if I find more. Why do I do this to myself

Also duck_you116 put me in a super loving cheesy mood so I love you all and I wanna give you a hug except Missy who gets cookies. But I love you and I just want to show my appreciation

Also I wanna watch American Satan so badly but I can't get it on iTunes in Romania and it's not gonna be in cinemas. I just wanna see it

Also look what Sebastian just tweeted

okay I love you all I'm gonna go read bad fanfics now

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okay I love you all I'm gonna go read bad fanfics now. Or In The Dark. Idk

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