10. where i love you, i love you. its disgusting

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"Collapse into my arms-" Bella sang to herself while she packed her things.

"I'll take care of your heart." Calum finished the lyric as he stood by the door. "You have a really nice voice."

"Oh uh thanks! I never sing in front of people." Bella blushed and scratched at her hands and started to zip her luggage.

"You should." Calum smiles at the shy girl.

"Thanks." Bella smiles awkwardly with her lips tucked in.

"So uh listen.. I know you're not gonna go on a date with me until I get "blessed by all your beloveds" but how about we hang out, just the two of us, as friends?" Calum twiddled with his fingers feeling more nervous than he's ever felt before... and that's saying a lot considering the man plays in front of millions of people for a living.

"That sounds fun. Let me grab my bag, what do you wanna do?" Bella waited reached to grab her stuff from her nightstand.

"Well I was actually thinking maybe tomorrow in the morning?" Calum bit his lip.

"Ooh! Yeah sounds good." Bella smiled as she struggled to close her luggage. She just couldn't get it shut.

"Here, sit on it and I'll zip it." Calum lifted her up and placed her on the luggage. Immediately he pulled the zipper around the huge block, brushing his hand along her thigh and making eye contact.

Calum zipped the bag but then got in between Bella's legs. He sighed and put his forehead against hers. His hand went to her cheek gliding his thumb back and forth. He leaned forward so their lips touched and her breath hitched. He closed his eyes and sighed, leaning back.

"You have no idea what you do to me." He spoke in a low tone with his hands going to her waist. He picked her up and set her on the floor. "I can't wait to take you on a proper date."

"I need to tell you-"

"GUESS WHOS BACK BITCHES. And we brought friends." Pj (Bella's twin brother) was heard walking in and letting the door fly open.

Everyone walked to the front door to greet Pj, Hayley, and Oliver.

Everyone except the band boys stopped right in their tracks as they saw who was unloading their stuff from the car.

"Oh shit." Davina said dropping the oatmeal cookies that she had in her hand.

"Oh no." Diego rubbed his hand against his face.

Ethan had barely started to walk towards the door.

"Wait what are all the neg faces for I thought we were #teamEthan over #teamKian??" Hayley whisper-screamed at her sisters friends.

"I was trying to tell you earlier they said they're now #teamCalum!" Oliver whisper-screamed as well.

Ethan entered the house at the same time Calum&Bella came into the main room.

"You guys whisper so loud yet I can't ever understand you." Bella spoke from across the room. She stopped in her tracks and awkwardly spoke up. "Hey Ethan."

"Bella-" Ethan put the stuff he was carrying down and started walking to her to hug her.

Davina stepped in between them.

"Hey watch it, MoleCheek. Don't think we've forgotten what went down." Davina pushed him back with her finger.

"Hey, I don't believe we've met. I'm Calum Hood." The tan boy snaked his arm around Bella's shoulder and reached his hand out to shake Ethan's.

Ethan saw the sigh of comfort Bella released and how Calum's chest aired up when she also wrapped her arm around him. He just couldn't stand it.

"I'm Ethan Dolan, love of her life." Ethan grabbed his hand and slyly smiled as Calum pulled his arm from around Bella and stood in front of her. Calum's nostrils flared and Ethan's jaw tensed. They both tightened their handshake.

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