Chapter 1

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Bailey's P.O.V.

I was never one to question my sexuality.

Thoughts of falling for a male.

I never thought of really wanting to be with anyone until after high school.

I never thought of any of that until the day of homecoming almost four years ago when I first got my first kiss at the homecoming dance.

It started off as a normal day. I was a freshman and I was volunteering in the homecoming committee to start off my hours for when I graduate. Can you believe my high school makes you do two hundred hours of volunteer work until the day you graduate? Fifty every school year for four years. Me being so involved in everything in school I got more than half those hours done in the first two years of my high school year. I was fone by junior year. Also because I needed to get my mind off that kiss that till this day, weeks before I graduate has me thinking about.

All throughout high school, I kept myself motivated. I joined a couple clubs, joined a couple sports team. I was never popular, not like him. I was just known, I knew a lot of people throughout high school. I mean it was impossible, I was everywhere, literally.

When I entered high school I was pretty lanky. I had no muscle and I was pretty geeky I have to say so myself. I wore glasses and I had straight A's. Now, due to sports and puberty, I weigh more, I wear contact lenses, I had many acquaintances, no real best friend, it was pretty impossible honestly. I just knew people, just didn't get close to anyone I could call a best friend. I was good-looking really, not at all what I looked like when I entered high school. I'm honestly glad I joined sports and kept myself busy.

Every morning I jog before I go to school. It keeps me motivated and energized like I am doing right now. I was jogging down Park Lane. Today I woke up a lot earlier, four am. I know, what teenager wakes up on their own at that time, willingly. Usually, I wake up at five-fourty and go for a jog by six. I jog for an hour before going home, showering and leaving to school.

Right now I had shorts on while shirtless as I listened to music jogging. Since it wasn't really light out since it was only five-thirty, I don't see the guy in a suit crossing my path making it too late for me to stop which makes me bump into him. Caught off guard he drops his suitcase, phone and coffee cup on the ground.

"Sorry, sorry." I shout taking out my earphones shoving them into my pocket and helping the guy.

"Watch where you're going." He says shoving my hands away.

"Rude, I'm just trying to help." I say ignoring him and picking up his suitcase and phone.

"I'll get you a new coffee." I said watching as the guy stands up straight. I do the same and stand sweaty in front of him. Looking clear at his face I almost get a heart attack. It can't be him. Not after so long.

"Here. Sorry about bumping into you." I whisper handing him his briefcase. He continues looking at my hands making me look down too. Bailey, idiot, his phone.

"Sorry." I chuckle handing it to him.

"Thanks." He says nothing on his face giving away what he's thinking.

"So, repaying your coffee?" I ask.

"No thank you." he says starting to walk away.

"Oh, come on. I said I was sorry and that I would pay for the coffee." He turns around and faces me. He closes the distance between us and stands right in front of me making me choke on my spit.

"Look, kid, I don't have time for your shit. I have places to be, people's shit I Have to hear, unlike you who has homework to do for school. Now, get out of my way." I freeze. Okay, I was not expecting that. What the hell happened to him in a few years? He used to be so friendly and smiley all the time. Even to me before he decided to kiss me.

"I'm not a kid." Is the stupid argument I guve which makes him chuckle and look around our surrounding. He turns back to me and frowns before his phone starts ringing. Looking down at his phone I see it's slightly crack making him groan annoyed. He answers the phone his eyes never leaving mines.

"What?" he answers. He listens and then speaks.

"I'm on my way, Jasper. Don't you dare do anything stupid. Wait until I get there and then we talk." He listens to this Jasper and rolls his eyes, not that he wasn't doing it before.

"Whatever, just have coffee for me." I hear laughter from the other side making me question the person's sanity since the furious man in front of me looks ready to kill.

"I didn't wake up late, when have I ever woken up late in my life."

"No, just some kid who spilled it." He hangs up and pockets his phone inside his suit's jacket.

"So, no coffee?" I ask smiling cheekily.

"No, Bailey, no." He says turning around and walking away leaving me with my mouth gaping.

"He remembers me, Jade, my Jade remembers me." I mumble. Squealing I do a little happy dance. So many years and I finally see him. Where the hell was he hiding? I don't finish my jog and head home like an idiot with a huge smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach.

Who knew after that kiss in freshman year I would realize I was into men and not women?

Oh, did I forget to mention I was totally out of the closet and everyone surprisingly did not give a shit about it either?

Life was great, to say the least. I guess right about now it got a little complicated with me stumbling into my first kiss and only crush.

I guess my early morning jogs got a little earlier.

Hello, again. I know you guys are probably getting tired of me and my new stories, but hey, my mind isn't sleeping. Anyways, leave me your thoughts on the first chapter. Thoughts on Bailey and Jade and really anything you want. Also, this story's chapter are going to varied. There are going to be short chapter and long chapters. It really all depends on how I feel and what ideas I have that day in my head I want to put in my chapters.

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