Chapter 18 ~ 21st of September 2008

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I was walking down the street on my way to Demis house. I couldn't get that ridiculous smile off my face. Demi just has something special. That, when you look at her, you smile immediately. She gives good vibes, you know. Vibes that don't go away for the next few days.

All of a sudden I heard loud music as soon as I walked inside Demis street. I didn't know where it came from. I looked around and saw Demis house being all decorated with the brightest colors. Surprised I walked farther towards her house. The loud music was coming from inside of her house. I rang the bell. Nobody answered. I decided to take a look through the windows. Maybe I could see something? I placed my hands on the window and pushed my face against it. Unfortunately the curtains were closed, so I couldn't see anything. I walked to the door again and rang the bell a few more times. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled I turned around. "Madison! Wow, I got scared for a minute." I said. Madison stood behind me with the sweetest smile. "What are you doing outside?" I asked her. She walked past me and pointed to the little window in the door. "Look." She said. Once again I placed my hands on the window to push my face against it afterwards. My eyes got bigger. "What's going on in there?" I asked. "Demi is celebrating the fact she just been on tour." Madison said. "She invited me as well." I said. Madison nodded. "Demi asked me to wait for you so I could open the door for you." She said. "Oh, okay." I said. Madison walked up to the door and opened it with the key that was hanging out of her pocket. "Thanks." I said. I laid my hand on her shoulder for a few seconds and then walked inside.

"Shanon!" I heard. "Selena?" I asked wondering where it came from. Selena walked down the stairs. "Good to see you again!" She said. I gave her a hug. "Yes, how are you?" I asked. "I'm good. Just a little tired." Selena answered. I laughed. "Yeah, same. But I guess we aren't as tired as Demi is." I said. Selena looked at me with a confused face. "She isn't tired." She said. "What? But she just came back from tour. She literally told me she is exhausted." I said. Selena shook her head. "Actually, she seems very energetic and happy." She said. I shrugged. "Let's go to Demi then. Where is she?" I asked. Selena pointed in the direction of the door and walked towards it to open it. I walked inside. "Shanon!" Demi said as soon as she saw me. She ran up to me and gave me a tight hug. "How are you?" I asked. "I feel amazing honestly. What about you?" Demi asked. I nodded. "I'm good." I said. Suddenly Demi grabbed Selena and my hands and pulled us to the kitchen. Selena started laughing. "Why are you so full of energy even though you just went on tour?" She asked. "I don't know. I'm just happy to see you guys again." Demi said with the biggest smile. "Well, that's a good thing." I said. Demi nodded. "Oh, by the way. I invited some more people. We're going to some kind of club within an hour. Are you guys coming as well?" She asked. Selena and I looked at each other. Then we turned our heads towards Demi again. "Yeah, sure." We both said at the same time. Demis smile got ever bigger. "Great!" She said. "So tell me everything about the tour. I need details." I said while I sat down on a chair in the living room. Demi and Selena jumped on the couch. "It was actually amazing." Demi started. "There were people who came all the way from other states or even other countries just to see me. It was... Incredible. I've learned a lot and I can't wait to go on tour with the Jonas Brothers." She said.

My eyes got bigger. "Jonas brothers? Are you-" I asked. Demi nodded slowly. "I'm going on tour with them." She said. I smiled. "That's amazing!" I said. My smile disappeared as soon as those words left my mouth. Demi stood up and walked up to me. "What's wrong?" She asked. I sighed. "It's just that.. You're gone so often.. You spend half of your time in LA and if you're here you're gone to a studio or to auditions. We never get the chance to hang out with eachother anymore.." I said while looking at Demi. Selena stood up. "I'll leave you two alone for a second." She said. She walked out of the room. Demi and I sat down on the couch. "I can try to cancel auditions whenever I'm here. I mean, most of the times I don't get the part. Also, in the studio I don't do very useful stuff. I can cancel that as well, no big deal." Demi said. I shook my head. "No, Demi. Please don't do that. I'm beyond proud of how far you've came since Barney. You're out there living your dream and I'm not going to take that away from you." I said. Demi locked her eyes with mine. "You're special, Shanon." She said. I laughed a little awkward. "Special..?" I asked. "Yes. Very, very special." Demi said. A moment of silence followed while we stared at eachother. Then I laughed again. "You're being sarcastic." I said. Demi shook her head. "I'm not being sarcastic. You, Shanon Brooks, have the heart of an angel. You need to be protected at all costs." She said. I felt tears coming up. I gave her a tight hug. "I love you." I said. "I love you too." Demi said. The sound of a doorbell interrupted the moment. "I'll get it!" We heard Selena say from out of the hallway. A few moments later a group of people came inside. Selena sat down on the chair next to me. Demi stood up and gave everyone a hug or some kind of weird greeting with handshakes and everything. Some of the people straight up walked to the kitchen. Only one girl walked towards me and Selena. "Hey Selena." She said. "Hey hey." Selena said. The girl looked at me. "Marissa Callahan." She said while shaking my hand. "Shanon Brooks." I said. "It's nice to meet you, Shanon." She said and she walked up to the people in the kitchen.

With all those people in the room, I started to feel a little anxious. What if I said or did something wrong? Would they laugh at me? Those kind of thoughts went through my head.

I looked around. Nobody was paying attention to me. I saw my chance and walked out of the room. I sighed as I sat down on the stairs. I stared at the door. Suddenly it opened. It was Selena. "Hey.." She said almost whispering as she closed the door behind her. "Is it okay if I sit down next to you?" She asked. I nodded. "So, why are you out here all alone? Don't you like the party?" Selena asked. "Well, I like the party, but.. I get really anxious whenever there's people I don't know, or if there's a lot of people at the same time." I said. Selena nodded. "I understand. I actually deal with that as well, sometimes." She said. A moment of silence followed. Then we heard people laughing inside of the living room. "How long do you know Marissa already?" I asked. Selena looked at me. "About three weeks now." She said. "What is she like?" I asked. Selena immediately looked at the door. Weirdly enough you could see she got all nervous and everything. "Something wrong?" I asked. "No.. It's just.. I don't think Marissa has a really good influence on Demi. She's almost one and a half years older than her and she's into alcohol and parties. Those kinda things. It's not that I'm jealous, but I'm worried." Selena said.

My eyes got bigger. Alcohol? Demi didn't drink alcohol. Right..?

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