Chapter Forty-two

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This was a bad Idea, Even I knew it. Does that mean we have any choices left, of course not! 

I looked at Annabeth, Draco, Nico and Reyna and smiled, Nico held the box in shaking hands. He wanted to come with us. To find Will but he was the only one that could stand touching that thing for more than five minutes. I hugged Annabeth she was shaking, see ya later's were just as hard as goodbyes even when I was twelve and leaving camp for home for the first time. I ran my hand through her curls and turned away, nothing needed to be said as I heard them run in the direction of the Astronomy tower.

We are splitting into three groups. Jason, Piper, Thalia, Harry and I, are looking for Will. Nico, Draco, Annabeth and Reyna were taking the box far enough away for it to be safe and Hazel, Frank, Leo, Calypso and Luna were looking for Hermione's journal while also keeping the ones that we have hidden.

I gave Frank a sharp nod signalling him and his team to run towards the Gryffindor tower. I watched as Leo lit the way for them. He wasn't just the seventh wheel anymore. He was a leader, a brother and a best friend, it was bittersweet to see him so grown up. I shook my head and turned towards Harry.

"You have something that could help us?" I wasn't sure that he was being truthful I mean come on a map that told you where everyone was in the castle, you'd be wary too. He smiled and pulled a piece of parchment out of his pocket. 


"Shush." He cut Thalia off making the blue-eyed girl huff and kiss her teeth. 

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," Harry placed his wand on the parchment and the page was suddenly filled with names and footprints. 

"Alright where's Will?" Piper asked snatching the page her multicoloured eyes scanning the page quickly before muttering to her self and placing the paper on the dining hall table. He finger was placed on a figure.

They (William Solace)

He was in the forbidden forest. I looked up at the others and was about to try and make some sort of a plan when Jason suddenly grabbed the map and sprinted from the room and out into the courtyard. 

Oh well. 

We followed him running through the trees, I usually felt at home in the woods by the lake but today was different. Zoe was blocked by the clouds and my legs felt tangled in the roots. I wasn't safe here, no one was. We needed Will. We were going to find Will. 

The roots got tighter as we got closer, Maybe it was the desperation setting in? We reached the clearing where Will was and I felt as If I was floating. I looked down and found roots around my waist, I looked u as saw the same woman as the one in the woods before. When was she involved!? 

"I see that you have come to the woods again," She smirked and if my lungs weren't about to be shoved up my throat, I would have replied what no way but since they are I decide against it. 

"You still have my box," I rolled my eyes what the heck is so important about a box.

"You still have our friend," The women glared a piper and I watched as rope-like roots twisted over her jaw, she could breathe but not speak.

"Shh all of you, Deloris and I were having a conversation," Will said, his voice was They's. Deloris was a toad like ghost with a sickly laugh.

"Yes, now I know that you all know where that box is. You need to tell us where it is or your friend will die and your rescue will go to waste." She laughed again. Wait what!

"How, Who!" I yelled frantically struggling, an image appeared in the dead leaves on the forest floor, Nico's pale skin shone against the harsh sky around him. He was hanging by the hem of his jacket the box no longer in his hands. Ron. Ron was holding him. The other all lay unconscious on the ground by the window. They were in the astronomy tower. the box wasn't, I looked over toward the second pile and saw Calypso knelt in a small dark room, her face was glowing purple and her arms were wrapped around the box but so was Leo. In fact, everyone from the group were holding separate boxes.

But who had the real one and would Deloris, They and that stupid plant woman notice.

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