Chapter One

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So I was sitting in my bedroom on youtube watching Shawn Mendes. Yes the shawn from magcon, the shawn who can sing, the shawn that follows me on twitter. I have asked him a million time to tell Cameron to follow me on twitter but gave up after a week of dming him and begging him. But one can only dream I guess.

-The Next Day-

I was sleeping when I get woken up by a notification from twitter it read ~Cameron Dallas follows you~ I paused for a minuet and kept reading it over and over again. He follows me on twitter. He follows me on twitter. "HE FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER!!!!!!" I heard my mom and little sisters tell me in unison to shutup and go back to bed. I guess I was saying my thoughts aloud again. It was like 5:00 in the morning but I couldn't sleep, all I did was lay in bed and think. Wow I guess all that bugging Shawn to tell Cameron to follow me paid off. Then all of a sudden I get a dm on twitter saying "Hey Beautiful" Then I realize that it's from Cameron. I immediately reply.

Sorry for the cliff hanger but it's 2:40 and I'm tired and want to go to bed thank you to all that read and I hope this book turns out good.

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