Say Cheese! :)

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C/G/C: Crush's girl cousin (or a random girl's name if you don't know that information lol)

Your POV:

I'm sitting on a bench waiting for C/N at the park. We've been hanging out at the park almost every weekend. I guess it all started that day...


"Hey get back here you little brat!" A male shouted as he ran around after a little girl.

"Try to catch me!" The girl screamed back.

She ran by me, her vibrant red dress flying. She was surprisingly fast for how short her legs were.

I smiled as I watched them run. The boy goes to my school I think.

Suddenly, I felt a force push me from behind.

"Woah!" I yelled as I crashed to the ground.

"C/G/C! Look what you did! You knocked the poor girl down!" I heard the male say.

Oh, so the cute little girl is named C/G/C.

I got up, the fall hadn't hurt too much since we were on the grass but the grass isn't exactly a pillow either. C/G/C walked over and stopped in front of me. She looked down at her feet as she rolled the fabric of the end of her dress between her fingers. She looked to be maybe seven years old.

"I'm sorry for pushing you pretty lady. I didn't mean too. It's just my annoying cousin kept chasing me and I didn't see where I was going," C/G/C said.

"Hey don't blame this on me!"

I looked up from her and saw the male jog over and stand next to C/G/C.

"Oh, it's fine. It really didn't hurt that much," I smiled at the girl and she gave me a toothy grin.

"C/N," he took his hand out for me to shake, "and this little brat is C/G/C."

She glared at him as I laughed and grasped his hand, "Y/N, lovely to meet you."

As I looked at C/N I noticed how good looking he was. I was kind of glad that C/G/C bumped into me. I mean look at his beautiful E/C eyes!

"Pretty lady," C/G/C said, shifting from foot to foot, "can you come walking with me? Me and C/N were going to play-"

"C/N and I," C/N interrupted.

She kicked him and continued as C/N yelped, "Me and C/N, were going to play I spy. Can you play with us?"

I grinned, "I don't see why not."

We ended up walking down the pathway that spiraled around the park, playing I spy until the sun started going down. There was a lot of bickering between C/N and C/G/C, but it was really cute.

"I think we should head home C/G/C," C/N said as he looked at his watch, "Mom's going to want us home in time for dinner."

"Awwwwwwwwww, but I want to play with the pretty lady a while longer," she pouted.

"I think the pretty lady has had enough of your annoying voice," C/N chuckled.


"How about we see the pretty lady another day," he glanced up at me, "and maybe she could give me her number."

I giggled as I handed him a slip of paper, "Call me."

"Will do," he waved bye and took C/G/C by the hand, walking down the sidewalk and to where I would assume to be home.

*End of Flashback*

"Yo! Y/N!" C/N hollered, snapping me out of my thoughts.

He ran over and sat beside me, "C/G/C won't be joining us since she's having a play-date with one of her friends."

I fake cried and stood up, "Well I guess there's no point in me staying then, is there."

I glanced over at his face full of pure shock and started bursting out in laughter, "I'm just kidding I love hanging out with you."

He recovered fast and gave me a smirk, "Yeah, I'm pretty great to be around."

I shook my head and smiled. We started a small conversation. It was springtime and the park looked beautiful. Flowers and trees were blooming everywhere giving the park a nice splash of colors.

An idea popped up in my head and I pulled out my phone. I opened the camera app and put it on selfie mode, pointing it at C/N and me while making sure to get a good background with all of the admirable nature.

"Hey C/N, say cheese!," I smiled at the camera.

C/N put his hand on my cheek, turning my face toward his and kissed me right as I hit the picture button. It all happened so fast I barely had time to react.

C/N started laughing at my shocked expression. He took my phone, sent the picture to himself and put it as his lock screen while I stayed frozen in my seat the whole time, processing what just happened.

"There," he pointed his screen at my face.

I regained composure but then quickly said, "Hey! What was that for!"

"I guess because I really like you," he gave me a sly grin, "Pretty lady."

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