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The Monstrous Mongolian Death Worm

Rumored to exist in the rocky and unforgiving Gobi Desert, the Mongolian death worm is unquestionably one of China’s stranger cryptids.

This nightmarish creature is allegedly red in color, somewhere between two and five feet long and as thick as a man’s arm. It should be noted that two to five feet is the most commonly stated length, though some sources suggest the animal can grow to much greater sizes.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘intestine worm’ because of its ridged, intestine-like appearance, this cryptid is greatly feared by locals due to its highly toxic (or possibly acid-like) venom. According to local beliefs, the death worm has the ability to spray its venom from a reasonable distance and the substance is powerful enough to kill a camel or horse.

Some tales assert the worm can also use electricity on hapless passersby.

There have been numerous expeditions mounted to find the worm, including several that were filmed for television – including the popular mystery show Destination Truth in 2006-2007 – but all returned empty-handed.

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