Good Riddance

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Glimmer's POV

We all stand in our caps and gowns backstage as Cinna taps the microphone and clears his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen," he begins his speech. "For some, tonight is... special." I smiles a bit. "It is a night of dignity, honor, and good riddance to the nerds-" he looks at Cato, who smiles brightly. "The rebels." He looks at Johanna. "The go-getters." He smiles at Clove. "The fashionistas." He looks at me. "The secret brainiacs." He looks at Peta. "... The others." He looks at Marvel and everyone laughs a little. "Who will all make it very far in life," he says as he introduces our valedictorian, Cato, onto the stage.


"Without further a-due," Cinna smiles into the microphone. "I present to you the class of twenty- eighteen!" He says and we cheer, throwing our hats in the air.

Marvel kisses me softly and I smile against his lips, kissing him back.


I run to my mailbox anxiously, seeing I've been awaiting my exception into Harvard. I get to my mailbox, open it and excitedly take out the letter. "Yes!" I cheer, running into my house to join Cato, Marvel, and Clove.

"Ready?" Clove asks, smiling as we hold our letters.

"Ready!" We all say.

"One," she says.

"Two," Cato places his hand on the seam of the letter.

"Three!" I shout and we all tear into our letters.

"I got in!" Clove screams happily.

"Me too!" Cato hugs her.

"Same!" I smile and we all look at Marvel, who hasn't opened his yet. "Marvel?" I frown.

"W- what if I didn't? I mean, what if I didn't meet the standards?" He asks worriedly.

"It's worth a try." I take his hand. And he takes a deep breath, opening the letter and taking out the slip of paper.

He scans over it smiling, his smile fading slowly. "No," he whispers sadly and rips the letter into tiny pieces, storming out the door.

"Marvel!" We chase after him.

A/N: Hiya! Okies dokies! We have reached the end of book one. I'm so sad right now because this book has ended!😭
It's so hard to believe that this right here book began as a goofy little project that I started nearly 3 years ago that I had no intention of finishing has come so far! Thank all of you that has helped me, I greatly appreciate it!
But...... guess what? Book 2 is coming up soon and I feel like you guys will be pretty pleased... at least I hope. I hope you enjoyed this book, you guys are amazing and I'll see you soon (hopefully for book 2.)

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