Getting The Job

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Y/N= Your Name
Y/L/N= Your Last Name

You were getting a job as an agent/researcher/ interviewer for the SCP Foundation. You think the interview is going great until he/she tells you something that had you somewhat shocked.

"So Ms.Y/L/N do you think you have what it takes to work in our foundation."

It didn't even sound like a question, more like kinda a threat as he/she narrowed his/her eyes at you.
With a hint of courage, you stare back at him/her and spoke the words with pride.

"Yes I do I've come so far and I am not intending on backing out."

"Well, then congrats you got the job. We expect to see you tomorrow at eight for your first assignment."

He/She said as he/she left out the door without looking at you.

You were kinda surprised. The fact that you immediately got the job and that you already have the assignment to do. But you know it was worth it, the pay is really good and you'll be doing something you love.

You left the building with a smile across your face in hope that your first day of work will start out great.

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