Okay, Maybe

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Rule Number Sixteen: When your friends make an effort to plan a bachelorette party, you go. No matter what.

From as far back as I could remember I thought about getting married. From the crappy reality television, my nanny had let me watch about weddings, to the Barbie dolls that I united in holy matrimony every other weekend.

I felt as if my life had built up to this point. Everything that I had done was because I wanted to be married. I wanted to wear a fancy white dress and drink expensive champagne. I was so excited I couldn't even sleep at night anymore. Two more weeks and I would be Mrs. Styles. It sounded so weird.

My phone vibrated on top of the table a text from Tom across the screen.

I won't be home until late tonight. Work stuff.

I had realized that Tom had spent far more late nights at the office than I had thought. A majority of my nights had been spent alone at home. I didn't mind, work had been busy and the wedding was so close that I spent a lot of my time planning.

By the time he had come home, I was either passed out on the couch or rising to get ready for work. It helped with the awkwardness of sleeping beside each other and not allowing it to progress to anything more.

I took an hour off work for lunch, Kelly and Kristen came with me. They had floaty jobs that allowed them to leave whenever they pleased.

"So?" Kelly asked once I set my phone back on the table.

"Yes, will get gross drunk and wear crappy silk banners from a dollar store" my decision wasn't based on the pain in my ass Harry Styles. Instead, it came from the maturity that maybe I should loosen up once and awhile.

I didn't bother ordering myself anything for lunch. My stomach had been in knots all day just thinking about what was left to be done. Both the girls smiled excitedly that I had gotten the stick out of my ass.

It would be worth it, the milestone into married life. One night of drinking was fine.

"I've mapped out all of the hottest bars in Manhattan. And at the end of the night, we're going to ambush Tom's fun. Harry gave me the location of the strip club they're going to. It's going to be priceless to see their faces" Kristen and Kelly lost it in a fit of laughter at the idea of catching the boys.

I found the idea of Tom at the strip club sort of comical. I couldn't imagine him being around naked women, especially of the stripper variety. But it would be fun to see the boys, even if Harry was amongst them.

"You better not get too wild, I still need you for the wedding the week after" I jokingly warned. Both rolled their eyes intoxicated by the mere thought of the night ahead.

My phone went off again, this time it was a call from Tom. I excused myself from the table to take the call outside.

The spring air nipped at my bare knees, I crossed my arms around me to stay warm.

"Hello" I answered, merely dodging a large double stroller being pushed by a hurried nanny.

"Hey, I have horrible news" he began, it was a horrible way to begin a conversation with someone you hadn't seen in three days. Besides passing in the hallway of your home in the early hours of the morning.

"What's wrong?" I steadied myself.

Tom paused on the other end for a moment. The pressure was killing me and every moment that passed without him saying anything was causing me worry.

"We're going to have to cancel the honeymoon. I'm so sorry Annie, my dad wants me to go to a conference in Chicago, he's offered to pay for a new one at a later date. I wanted to say no, its just he's super stressed and Lord knows we can't send Harry" he rushed his words over the phone and I didn't bother to stop him. I had a feeling this was going to happen.

My father was going, being he was the other half of the business. I just didn't think it mattered whether Tom went or not. He was an accountant that controlled a majority of the assets and so it made sense.

I wanted to flip out, to call my father and ask him how they came to this conclusion that Tom had to go. But I didn't, I didn't want to be the wife that flipped out about every little thing.

"Hey, it's fine. Besides it's warming up here" I lightheartedly spoke. A week off alone in a massive penthouse being newly married wouldn't be that bad. I had spent numerous nights by myself so what was a whole week that was supposed to be my honeymoon.

"You're the best Anna, I promise we will go anywhere you want when I get back" his voice instantly became lighter. Tom's fear of me blowing up was stupid. I had been a horrible person and so Tom ditching me on a honeymoon wasn't the worst thing.

"Have a good day" I added before hanging up the phone. Dropping my hand to my side with my phone, I began to make my way back in the side. Slowly processing what had just happened.

"Watch out lady!" A biker hollered as he sped past me rolling over my foot with his bike wheel. Immediately, the foot with the tire mark on it began to turn red.

This day couldn't get any worse.

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