Chapter 029: "Let me go."

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          Brynn's eyes hesitantly flickered between Mike and Will.

"If anyone knows how to destroy this thing, its Will. He's connected to it, he'll know it's weakness."

"I thought we couldn't trust him anymore... That he's a spy for the mind flayer." Max stated.

"Yeah... But he can't spy if he doesn't know where he is...."

      The whole crew went to work, emptying out a shed in the backyard. Brynn sat in the floor beside the couch, thinking about her mom. She didn't know if what she had seen was accurate, but she sure was curious. Like the kind of curious that could make you say or do stupid things. She leaned her head back into the cushion of the sofa, glancing up at Will's limp hand lying on the couch. She grabbed it, and all she saw was tunnels. The same tunnels she had seen a million times through Will. She let go and glanced back at the Unconscious boy, sighing.

"Brynn, can you come help us with the shed?" Steve asked. Brynn nodded slowly and followed him and Nancy outside. They hung tons of tarps and blankets all over the walls, covering up the aged wood and built-in shelving. Around an hour later, Jonathan carried Will into the shed, put him in a chair, and tied him to a pole. They hung up large lights, but Brynn just stood, watching Jonathan's facial expression as he restrained his baby brother to a pole. The lights came on, and Hopper put a cotton ball To Will's nose, and Will sat up with a gasp. Brynn jumped, grabbing onto another chair that was placed in front of her. Will's face was terrifyingly pale, and his eyes were darker brown than usual. He looked around hesitantly.

"What is this?" He asked, struggling to get out of the ropes.

"What is this??!" He asked again, the urgency in his voice smashing Brynn's heart like a sledgehammer.

"Why am I tied up?!?"

Joyce knelt down in front of her son.

"Will, we just want to talk to you. We're not gonna hurt you."

"Where am I?" Will shouted again. Hopper bent down in front of him and held up the photo of the Shadow Monster that He had drawn.

"You recognize this? Do you recognize this?" Will started shaking his head frantically, his hair swinging about.

"Hey, we wanna help you, But to do that we have to understand how to kill it."

"Why am I tied up?!? Why am I tied up?!?" Will repeated, flailing around crazily. Brynn just watched, and Jonathan squeezed her shoulder in a comforting motion.

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" Will screamed. The lights started flickering and Will's voice got deeper, changing as he tried repeatedly to get out of the restraints. He finally calmed down and sat slumped in the chair.

"Do you know what March 22nd is?" Joyce asked. "It's your birthday. Your birthday. When you turned eight I gave you that huge box of crayons, remember that? It had 120 colors. All of your friends got you Star Wars toys, all you wanted to do was draw with all your new colors. You drew this big spaceship... but it wasn't from a movie, it was your spaceship, a rainbow ship is what you called it. You must've used every color in the box. I took that with me to Melvald's and I put it up, I told everyone who came in, 'My son drew this'. You were so embarrassed... but I was so proud. So, so proud."

Brynn looked at Will, who's face had softened a bit.

"Remember the day dad left?" Jonathan asked. "We stayed up all night building castle Byers... just the way you drew it. It took so long because you were so bad at hammering. You missed the nail every time. Then it started raining... but we stayed out there anyway. We were both sick for a week after that... but we just had to finish it... didn't we? We just had to."

Brynn noticed Will's hand shaking, almost rhythmically, but ignored it when Mike started talking.

"Remember the first day that we met? It was the first day of kindergarten... I knew nobody. I had no friends... and I just felt so alone and so scared. Then I saw you on the swings... and you were alone too. Just over there, swinging by yourself. I just walked up to you and asked if you wanted to be my friend, and you said yes. It was the best thing I've ever done..."

The room went silent and all eyes were on Brynn.

"Me?" She whispered.

"If anyone can crack him... it's you." Jonathan whispered back. Brynn went to Will and sat in front of him.

"Uhh... we've only known each other for a year..." Brynn started, her voice shaky. She looked over at Joyce and she nodded at her.

"The first time we met was in the Upside Down... umm... I heard you crying. I saw Castle Byers, and decided to peek inside. When I did, I saw the most intelligent, creative, amazing boy, and I knew that I would be friends with you. Being in that... that place... was so much better with you by my side. I don't even know if I would be alive without you. Even though you don't think so... you saved my life. I wouldn't trade the way we met for the world. I would rather die then give up my Best Friend." She touched his hand and his eyes locked with hers.

"Brynn..." He mumbled quietly under his breath. She nodded and a small smile appeared on her face.

"Yeah... it's me. I'm here. I'll never leave." She said. Everyone looked at the two children, hope burning in their chests, little did they know it would all come crashing down. Will's facial expression changed, and he slapped Brynn's hand away.

"Let me go."

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