chapter eleven ; a house divided

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december. 2009

It was the first of December and a chilly wind blew through Hawkins, New Mexico. Obviously it wasn't very cold, since they were basically in the middle of a giant desert, however things always cooled down in the winter. It was just a wonderful time of year.

It was on that day when Finn and Millie walked into Sean Astin's office, carrying two briefcases full of money. Sean offered to keep Finn's cash at his office until the boy thought of a way to give the money to his family.

The two teenagers walked into the office and saw Sean lying on the ground in front of a giant safe. He was trying to remember the correct password.

"Just set the loot on my desk." The man instructed. Millie nodded and they did as they were told.

Sean cleared his throat and slowly began to stand up. After nearly an hour of trying, he was finally able to open the safe.

"I wanna talk to you two about a new distributor since, y'know, you wasted Jacob." He stated. Sean had many connections in the world of drugs. He knew almost every dealer in town.

"I'm not interested in continuing this. I'm done with the meth business." Finn retorted.

Millie sighed and nodded her head in agreement with Finn. "Yo man I agree with Finn. That shit ain't for me. I'm just... I made like $20,000 while Jacob was alive. That money will last me for a long time. I mean, I don't need to do this anymore." She was rather upset and stressed about the entire situation with Jacob. She often had vivid nightmares about it.

Sean was absolutely flabbergasted. He knew that Finn and Millie had something special and he also knew that they were wasting a lot of talent.

"Finland, you are the greatest meth cook I've ever seen. You have to keep going! It'd be a shame for you to quit now." Sean practically begged. Finn gently bit his lip and took a moment to think about it.

He'd made a decent bit of money but it wasn't enough to pay for his father's medical treatments. He still needed more money.

"You've talked me into it." He said with a slight chuckle.

Millie scoffed and crossed her arms. "I think you're an idiot. We almost died and you want to keep going. I'm done with all of it."

"Millie, your partner is probably one of the best meth cooks in America. Wolf boy, can you try to talk some sense into this dame?" Sean responded. He was rather upset by the fact that Millie wanted to retire.

Finn smiled softly and placed a hand on the brunette girl's shoulder. "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do. You say that you don't need anymore money? That's fine, but I do. I also made around $20,000 while working for Jacob, and I know that it is not enough to support my family."

He paused his speeking and inhaled deeply. "We have the opportunity to make a fortune."

Millie looked down at her feet and then back up at her freckled friend. Finn was a very persuasive person. There was just something about his innocent, sweet smile that made her heart melt. It was impossible to refuse.

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