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//Authors note\\ : Hey guys a little note to all :) My first chapter isn't my best as I started this ages ago but my story does gets better if you read more ^w^ Thank you so much for reading at least the first chapter. Makes me really happy and hope to please most of you!! And also, if you follow me I'll follow you back :D

~Yuki Chloe~


My eyes widen as a hand wraps over my little mouth. I freeze not sure what to do. "I should have killed you and your family a long time ago..." There is a deep chuckle from a man's voice as he holds a silver knife to my neck. The blade only is just starting to graze the skin engraving a line across the front of my neck. Tears stream down my cheeks like waterfalls burning the skin. "Die with your last living breath..."

Chapter 1


Memories...they either stay with you or almost completely disappear. Maybe you can choose to forget them...I don't know what happened to mine though...

It is faint and fuzzy. I try to remember them but I end up frightening myself. I choose not to talk about the ones I already know. I shut myself away from everyone.

My mind is set on keeping people out...locking the vault and chucking the key away.

I don't want people to get close...I don't want to lose anyone else who is precious to me...I can't...I won't be able to live with myself...

I'm stuck in a bubble of my own world...a world that is clouded by the very darkness than pushed me there.


It is another day at school, just an average lonely day. But I don't mind being alone. Being alone means you don't have to worry about losing the ones you care about. You can think about other things and question yourself. It feels good to be alone.

The sky is clear. Not a sign of clouds anywhere in the blue sky. I wish it is winter already with the coolness that clings around. Nice weather is great too but it gets too hot so my way of escaping the heat is by hitting the shade and let the breeze blow through my hair.

The grass I'm sitting on is soft, bright green and comfortable. The trees branches above me shade me from the harsh sun that beams down from the sky. It's peaceful out the back of the prestigious Horikoshi High School.

Horikoshi is a nice school. Good education and you are given a lot of opportunities. The school is fairly large with a tennis court, football field, basketball court and a two storey building which holds all the class rooms. Plenty of space for playing around in and there is even a library and creative arts faculty.

Lunch break now and most of the students are out playing on the football field.

I can't remember the last time I had fun with other people. Since I have been at this school I always hung out by myself. I can do my own things without distraction and I can go anywhere peaceful to enjoy a nice book or do homework in the library with all the books I can use to help me. I can hear the laughs and excited voices as they call out to one another and play tag and pass a ball around. They look like they are enjoying themselves. I tell myself not to envy them though.

I study their faces. They all have bright happy faces. Girls have their hair tied back in ponytails and all wear hats to protect their heads, same as the guys. I close my eyes feeling the soft breeze blow my fringe off my face. It is rather comforting for a guy who doesn't complain to anyone or show emotions. If I had my way I would just lay here all day.

It is comforting under the tree. I lay back putting my hands behind my head as a cushion. I breathe evenly as the happy cheering starts to fade out. I lay here for a while just keeping my mind clear and at peace. I don't get a lot of sleep so lunch break and in class I tend to relax. My energy level is low too so it doesn't help.

"Why sit all by yourself?"

I open my eyes instantly and look up. A young handsome man stands looking down at me. How long has he been there and just who is he? I've never seen him around before.

I sit up a bit, startled. This man in front of me is tall and slim. His hair, straight but short. It just passes his ears at the sides. His fringe, long and covering his eyes a bit; looks like it needs a trim. In his arm he has a black cotton jacket and in his other is a bottle of water. He gently smiles and crouches down in front of me. I can see all his features more clearly.

'He must be the teacher on lunch duty today by the looks of it...' I think to myself.

He looks quite young for a man, maybe in his early twenties. His hair suddenly looks a darker brown than from when he was standing further back. He has strong toned muscles in his arms and on his left ear he has a silver hooped earring which catches a sun ray and glitters in my eye. His bright blue eyes stare right into mine gently. I find it rather odd of him to approach me like this.

"My name is Akatsuki Tanazuki but you can call me Mr Tanazuki." He extends his large hand out for me to shake. I just sit there looking at him blankly. Why is this person here? Surely he has better things to do than introduce himself to me.

I stay silent and glance away. I hear him sit down beside me putting the items in his arms down beside him. 'Go sit somewhere else...' I want to say aloud but silence overtakes me.

This isn't the first time anyone has approached me like this since that day. I like to distance myself from everyone and if people talk to me in class I won't reply. I don't care what people think of me just as long as I can work alone and be at peace I would feel relieved.

"What year are you in? I'm new here as you already probably noticed. What's your name?"

Why won't he leave me alone? Doesn't the sitting alone give any hints I want to be alone?

"Shiro Jujin, year ten" I simply reply, not even looking at him. My eyes now fixed on the group of boys who are passing a ball between them. As much as I want to leave right now all I'm going to do now is remain silent.

"What a nice name. I know for sure I have a year ten class. I hope to get to know you better Shiro"

The bell rings for class.

'Finally, freedom' I think to myself as I stand up grabbing my bag and jumper. I feel glad I am saved by the bell. If it hadn't have rung, I would be stuck having the newbie talk my head off and that would only give me a headache.

I bow slightly to Mr Tanazuki then start walking off to the large main building. I know for sure I left Mr Tanazuki in an awkward position but it's not my problem. No one else exists in my world, the world of Shiro Jujin.

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