12.- Envy Pair and Familiar Figure

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Hearing the door close as the sudden person that just walked in then spoke as she notice the place all trashed up and messed up.

"Uh...? By any case a tornado just passed by here?" A sudden angelic smooth and soft voice spoke out as it cause the gloomy blonde to look up before his eyes shoot open.

Cute!!! Mitsuki thought as he awed the girl before him appearance similar as a doll but much cuter.

Red long hair that seems smooth and soft that makes you just want to touch it as a red ribbon was tied on her left side head into a cute small bow with the strands long loose. Bright beautiful magnetic eyes that makes you want to stare at them till the end of times as it shed behind a slim glasses that suits perfectly in her. Pink rosy cheeks, wanting you pinch them. A very cute button nose that only us seems in a doll. Finally her lips, rosy pink that seems soft and eatable that you just want to bite it.

She wore a huge red cloth-sweater with indian like patterns on lower edge, which seems as a short booty dress. Black long tight sleeve shirt with turtle neck collar. White long thigh stockings. Tan creamy skin ankle boots with flat base.

Mitsuki suddenly shoot up and in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the young girl as he claps both of her hands together with his as he brought his face close to hers.

"Your so cute!" He shouted with a slight blush on his cheeks. "Please, would you do me the honor and be my doll!" He suggested with a hopeful eyes as they shimmer to her.

Tsuki POV

Blinking twice and rewinding on the guy words before me just asked me.

He has short blonde hair with a bit of it fallen over his face. He wear a dark brown hat with a red band around it, and is shown to have two thin clip-on plaits on the right and one on the left side of his hair. He is a lean, tall man with brown eyes.

He wore somehow a cowboy like outfit; he wore a white long sleeve slightly baggy shirt. A brown vest. A mandarin scarf tied around his neck. Beige pants with black ankle hig boots.

Wait a minute... Did he just said, His Doll?!

I mentality shouted as a sudden heat creep up in my cheeks as ny eyes widen, mouth slightly open as I stayed shock and dumbfound on this dude words.

Why is the guys that I'm meeting all of the sudden are weird?!!

"I-I... Uh... Um... A-arigato... B-but I... Uh I uh?" Being lost in words as I could barely form any correctly as my heated face is getting warm as the male's face gets closer each minute as he waits for my answer.

Suddenly, two tall figures appeared behind us, one in each one of us before both of us were pulled back from each other, me crashing in a familiar hard tone chest as two strong arms were wrapped around me in a protectively manner.

Looking up at my shoulder as for some reason, once again, my whole face heat up like lava that I even felt my ears heating up also.

Why the hell is the stupid fox hugging me?! I mentality panic as I look up at Hyde face but see him starring, no scratch that, glaring, at the blonde that was just inches away from my face.

Looking at the other tall person behind him as only one red crimson visible eye also, glared straight at Hyde, as his whole face and head is covered with a big bag with two different sized torn holes as one eye is only visible on the big one, hanging over the side was a median size then at the top was a smaller bag as each one of them had somehow faces on them.

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