12.- Envy Pair and Familiar Figure

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Third Person POV

Mitsuki sat on spinning chair, cooing at his cute small doll, Abel, while his servamp of Envy, JayJay was in his animal form, wrapped around his master neck as a scarf.

The Envy servamp was resting peacefully in his Eve's neck collar about to be in deep slumber but unfortunately, it did not last long enough as the blonde male began panic/shout about his doll, (Envy: he'll die foreveralone. Me: like me TwT) waking the poor an tired snake creature from his only chance to enter dream land.

"Wah, JayJay?! Where's Abel hat?! She doesn't has her hat with her?!" Mitsuki cried out as he shoot himself up to his feet from his seat and began looking through his shore like a mad maniac, in look of the small doll's hat.

JayJay narrowed his red snake like eyes as he tries to ignore his Eve's cries, yells, shouts, movement and rumbles that he makes while searching.

Meanwhile just outside of the store lay right at the corner of the ally that the store is located, flat on the cool segment hard dirty ground of the busy sidewalks, lay a tan like creamy tini Sunday hat with a blue ribbon around it.

A pair of feet suddenly appeared beside the small headwear as the person bend down, her small slender hand picking the small material in her hold as she scans it in very angle.

"A doll hat?" The young person spoke as a small fox popped his head from the girl's purse bag, seeing what's in her hold.

"That has Nii-san scent." The black creature informed, sniffing the object as both of his tails also popped out from the purse and freely swifts itself child-like.

The girl hummed in response as she then moved her hand that held the small hat, over her servamp head as he chuckles of her laziness in carrying a simple small object.

"Where is he?" She then asked in a demanded manner, straightening straight up and looking her surrounding.

Lifting his small head as he uses his nose to point the way, fallowing his glaze and understanding him immediately, the red haired girl sees a small store in a dark ally.

Lips forming itself in an amusement smirk, the girl said before walking in the ally.

"Three down, four to go."

Back at the store, the whole place was practically trashed up, bottles of sustains crashed and shattered in walls, floor, doors, even up in the ceiling, not knowing how that got up there, shelves either broken or thrown across the room as the only thing in place is a wheelchair that was in the near center of the place.

Sitting in the seated object sat the vampire of Envy while starring down at the blonde flat on the ground, face flat, arms and legs spread wide while in front of his head lay a hatless cute doll.

How could I not noticed her missing headwear?!

He'll die alone if he keeps up with this...

Suddenly, hearing the store door bells rang meaning that someone had just entered the building but Mitsuki was too groom to raise his head to see the costumer that had entered his store.

But his servamp snapped his head up at the entrance of the store before he poofed himself in his snake form and went back around Mitsuki neck collar in a protective manner as he suddenly caught a dangerous familiar scent.

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