~29~Kiss You? Kiss you?!~

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Jaden's pov

Draco had gone with Slit to the muggle world to see his family and Glitch's.

''Hey,wait up.''Cedric ran over.

''Hi.''I stopped and glanced at him,my eyebrow furrowing.

''Where's your boyfriend?''Cedric cocked his head.

''Out of town.''I crossed my arms.

''C'mere.''Cedric grasped my hand and took me into the Hufflepuff common room where only Emilio,Ginny,and Sam were in,they gazed over at me.

''Hey C. What's up?''Ginny asked.

''This is my girlfriend,''Cedric held my hand and I looked at him,he glanced over and noticed  how I was freaking out and kissed me,I backed away and pulled it off.

''Oh cool!''Emilio smirked.

''We'll be in the next room,''Cedric grasped my hand tight and I winced as he pulled me into the next room and locked the door,letting go of my hand.

''the fuck,diggory?''i growled.

''its an excuse,it's fine. ''he rolled his eyes and sat,he poured himself a glass of achohal. He took a sip and i narrowed my eyes.

''why the fuck did you bring me here?''I spat.

''because you-know-who is trying to murder you. And Ginny Weasley is a death eater.''Cedric told me before taking another sip.

''Ginny Weasley? The fuck,that's wrong. She wouldn't hurt a damn fly.''I laughed sarcastically.

''You know,your boyfriend is too.''Cedric pointed out,flicking his wand as a virtual screen showed up of him and slit and Ginny,listening to Voldemort. It disapeared and Cedric took another big gulp.

''Kiss me.''He said,drunkly.

''Kiss you?''i narrowed my eyes,my gaze darkened.

''kiss you? ''I Snarled.

''come on.''Cedric groaned.

I snatched his glass of achohol and threw the glass at him,his shirt was off and there were bloody marks were glass was in his skin,we both walked out of the room,I left before Emilio and Sam eye~balling me.

Draco's pov

We watched Jaden and Cedric have a conversation through cameras Bellatrix put up.

''that's my girl.''I mumbled,a smirk on my lips.

''what?''Ginny glanced over.

''nothing,Weaselbee.''I snapped,my eyes piercing.

''whatever.''she put her glass of beer down and left the room,I rolled my eyes and finished my beer before following after the ugly,slut,mudblood,thot,hoe,ugly,Weasley girl.

''disgusting.''i spat with disgust.

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