Chapter 36: The First Date

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"Nate where are we going?" I asked. I couldn't see anything whatsoever because he had blindfolded me with his tie as soon as we got in the cab. He even went as far as writing the directions on a piece of paper just because he didn't want to risk me hearing the way there. Now that I think of it, the cab driver may or may not be very concerned as to what's happening.

I felt Nathan's hand on my thigh as he said, "You make it very hard to surprise when you ask where we are going every five seconds. Patience, princess."

I rolled my eyes under the blindfold, praying I didn't ruin my makeup. "You fail to remember the last time I was blindfolded, it didn't end very well."

"I promise you, you will like this and if you don't, I'll be very surprised," Nate responded.

"You seem very confident about this," I said with an eyebrow cocked.

Nathan patted my thigh a couple of times before he said, "Oh, princess. It may be the first time I've ever really dated but I do know what to do when it comes to the ladies."

I had no doubt in my mind he winked after he said that. Rolling my eyes, I nudged my elbow into his arm. "Oh, shut up."


"We're here," Nathan said. He quickly got out of the car and opened the door on my side, gently grabbing my arm to help me out.

As I got out, the cool air hit my face instantly and I felt my cheeks start to redden. I could hear that we were still located in a relatively populated area because I could hear cars passing by and people chatting as they walked along the sidewalk. While Nate and I walked, I felt strange smell hit my nostrils, after a few moments I realized what it was. "Are you smoking, Nate?"

I heard Nathan exhale heavily, flick something to the ground, and then pop a piece of gum in his mouth. "Not anymore."

"Seriously?" I rolled my eyes and laughed.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. "What can I say? I'm nervous."

"The almighty Nathan is nervous?" I mused, nearly tripping as I did so. I really wanted this blindfold off, I probably looked crazy walking down the street like this.

Nate caught my arm before I could go down completely and sighed. "Excited nervous. Can you try not to kill yourself while walking?"

I turned my head to face him even though I couldn't see him and grinned. "Not likely."

A few minutes of walking later, Nathan let go of me and placed both hands on my shoulders. He was so close I could smell his evergreen cologne and his minty breath. "Alright, we're here."

He untied the blindfold and I took in my surroundings. As soon as I saw the almost vintage looking red and gold sign I knew we were at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. I cocked an eyebrow and looked at Nathan and said slowly, "Nate, what are we doing here?"

"Going on a date," he responded with a wink. I simply stared at him dumbfounded as he tucked his hands in his dark suit pocket and pulled out two tickers. Handing one to me, he said, "I know how much you like the Wizard of Oz, so I thought this was the next best thing."

I looked at the ticket and gasped, my hand flying to my mouth. I can't imagine how long it had been to save for this. Looking up, I saw Nathan biting his lip nervously and I quickly threw my arms around his neck and gave him a tight hug. "I can't believe you would get us tickets to Wicked. How did you know I've never seen it?"

"Darian," he chuckled as he hugged me back, just as tight. He pulled me back and gave me a genuine smile, causing me to blush at the sight. "Apparently you guys compared notes on which musicals were your favourite and he freaked out because you've never seen this one?"

Nathan put his hand on the small of my back as we started to walk inside as I giggled, remembering the day vividly. "Yeah, he was outraged. But in my defense, he's never seen Hairspray live but he's seen Shrek the Musical live, now that is outrageous."

"That's the one where John Travolta cross dresses, right?" He asked with his eyebrows scrunched slightly, as if he were thinking on and hard about which musical it was.

I patted his chest lightly and laughed. "Sure, I guess that's right."

As we got into line, I took in my surroundings. We were only in the lobby yet the setting was beautiful. There were two staircases that as they descended, they merged into one. It reminded me of the Titanic and I started giggling at the thought of Nathan pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio - which he'd quite honestly do.

The man scanned our tickets and directed us to our seats. We were directly in the middle of the front row and I couldn't stop gaping at the set. There were so many intricate details that not many people would notice had they not been sitting so close.

Breaking me from my thoughts, an announcement started about keeping your phone off and that recording is prohibited. The lights then went from dim to dark. Nathan gently grabbed my hand as the curtain opened and he whispered in my ear with a grin. "Something wicked this way comes."

I laughed quietly and gave Nate a stare. "How long have you been waiting to say that?"

He tilted his head in deep fake thought and grinned even wider. "Since I bought the tickets a month ago."

I dropped my mouth open and stared at him dumbstruck. I can't believe he'd buy tickets to this before we even confessed our feelings for one another. My heart fluttered at the thought. I opened my mouth to say something but Nathan placed his index fingers on his lips and then pointed to the stage. "Enjoy, princess."

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