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warning: Fluff

F/F (faverit flowers)

F/f (faverit food)

Y/n/n (cute nick name like for ex: babe, suger,  as im called Cori bori alis (a nick name my dad calles me) or anything really

lets do this


Y/N's P.O.V

i was sitting in my room waiting for my boy friend to call his name is blake *ring ring* my phone rang "hello?" i asked hey (Y/n)?" blake asked "what babe?" i asked "um... im breaking up with you, i dont love you and i never will." he said then hung up "hey (y/n) you here?!?" raph screamed as he beet on my window. tears streaming down my cheaks as i opend the windo "(Y/n) what happend!" he asked comeing in and picking me up. "Blake broke up with me!!!" i screamed as i choked as my sobs consumed most of it (idk if this makes sence) "shhh its ok every thing is alright, im hear." he said as he held me tight "hey you wanna order (F/f)" he asked as he pulled me into his plastrum "yeah" i mumbled back as i started to fall asleap. "love ya (Y/n/n)" he wispered "love ya to Waphi." i mumbled befor falling asleap.

Raph's P.o.v

i ordered (F/f) for Y/n and put the (F/F) in a vais for her and put it on her night stand with a note 

'dear y/n

im not mutch for fealins but i want ya to know that i think ya'r purfect wether Blake thinks so or not cause i love ya with all my heart and i want to know how ya fell


and put her food on the table after using my huminizer to get it not to scare the dalivery guy and left after kissing her on the forhead.


hey guys my updates will be vary slow cause im using a school computer to post and its supper hard i need some raquest's no OC's though i will be posting when i can and thanks for almost 2 k reads

by Love's ~ Marcellus

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