Team Avatar

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I opened my eyes to see a big shadow up in the sky. On instinct, I ran back into the forest and hid behind a tree. What did Niho mean by 'disable' Aang. It seemed impossible, but maybe it meant I could take away his power and bending. After thinking over the possibility, I decided that it was a stupid idea.

"Guys, you have to watch me ride this." I heard a distant boy say. A feeling grew inside as I realised that It could be Aang. I heard everyone laughing, and decided to look, just in case I ran screaming Avatar to a stranger. I peeked to the side of the tree and with happiness, saw Aang, Appa, katara, sokka and a flying lemur.

"watch out!" katara screamed, but Aang didn't seem hear. I looked to the  right, and saw a gigantic shadow forming behind him. The unagi. I mentally got ready to fight, and stepped from behind the tree, when strong hands pulled me back. It was a Kyoshi Warrior. "you were following me?" I whisper screamed at her. I turned to see a bunch of other kyoshi Warriors, waiting to gang up on everyone. "I have to go, I know these people." I tried but she shook her head and put a bag over mine.

"hey!" I called and she held my hands together so I couldn't bend. She hit me on the shoulder and all the strength from my legs went. I felt low on energy and I couldnt even speak. I heard Aangs screams coming closer. I feared the worst, but he then started to laugh. "maybe we shouldn't swim with the unagi." he laughed. "why are we here again?" I heard Sokka whine. "we need supply's and I'm hopping to find someone." Aang said. I then heard grunts, roaring from Appa and people falling on the floor before my head hit the ground.

I woke up, tied and sitting next to someone. There was still a bag over my head. "I want to see the men who attacked us!" I heard Sokka demand. "there was no men." suki replied. "what!" I heard Sokka explode. "Suki! Please! get this bag off my head." I cried. "Anaya?" I heard both Aang and Suki ask.

The bag was removed and I floated my body up. "did you know your Warriors were following me?" I asked and ski untied my hands and turned towards them. "what?"
"we didn't know if she was safe!" someone said. "and then we saw these people and we thought she was working with them."
"I'm the good guy!" I whined as I turned to Aang. I untied his hands and went over to katara. "Hey. You must be Katara." I said, removing her ties. "thanks. Aang hasn't mentioned you before." she said, glaring at him. I saw Aang shrug and smile as I made my way to Sokka. "Hey, I'm Anaya." I intoduced. "Sokka." he shook my hand and smiled. "I couldn't help but notice your tattoos. You and Aang, did you two know eachother?" he asked. I opened my mouth to answer but he yelled "were you two.... A thing!" I started to wave my hands. "no, no not like that!"
"Sokka!" Katara glared with her hands on her hips. "what?" he asked with his hands in the air.

"Hello?" a kyoshi warrior asked sarcasticly, waving her hands. "How do we know you not fire nation spies?" I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth, when Aang said "this place is kyoshi island, right. I know kyoshi!" the warrior laughed. "know her? She was born four hundred years ago! How do you possibly know her?" I nudged Aang to tell them and he took a deep breath. "I know her, because I am the Avatar."

"Imposter!" she yelled. "wait!" all of us including Suki said. "guys, he is the Avatar, trust me." I tried. "Aang... " katara whispered nervously. "do some air bending." with that, Aang jumped up high into the air, and landed on top of Kyoshi's statue. He waved for everyone to see him and jumped back down. "See!" I yelled. "apart from me, have you ever seen an airbender in the last one hundred years!" everyone shuffled on there feet. Suki stepped out from the crowd slowly forming around us. She held out her hand. "pleased to meet you, I'm suki." Aang took it and smiled. "do another trick!" someone yelled from the crowd. "how about this!" Aang grinned and spun three marbles above his hands. I rolled my eyes at his pointless trick while others marveled over it.

While Appa and the flying lemur, who I learnt was Momo, was taken to where Pepper was staying, We were taken to a hotel like place, where food was prepared. "Wow, dessert for breakfast!" Aang cried, stuffing his face. Katara looked uncertain of it, and started to poke at something orange. "Katara, you have got to try this!" Aang shoved something at Kataras face, who took it and had a small bite. "this is great and all, but I think we are forgetting the big question here." Sokka said as Katara nodded. "how do you guys know each other?" they stared at Aang and I, waiting for an answer. "well, it's hard to explain." Aang started. I realised that he might not know the entire story yet. "I'm Aangs, guide. Sort of." I said, slowly. They looked at me with blank faces. "I'm an incarnation. I can feel Aangs emotions, see him if he's in danger and enter the spirit world. I have an avatar state as well but I can only control air." I decided to leave out the part where I could disable Aang.

"wow really!" Aang asked with excitement. Katara looked at him. "you didn't know?" she asked with an eye brow raised. He shrugged his shoulders. "sokka, whats the matter?" I asked. He was sitting in the corner of the room sulking. "I'm not hungry." he grumbled. "he's just mad that a bunch of girls kicked his butt." katara laughed. "they snuck up on me!" Sokka protested. "and then kicked your butt."
"it doesn't count if they sneak up I you!" we all laughed mockingly towards Sokka as he got up and marched out of the room, mumbling to himself in the process.

"why is he so mad." Aang asked, picking up a pastry. "it's great here." he stuffed it into his mouth. "don't get too comfortable, we can't stay in one place for long." Katara said shaking her head. "why not?" I asked. As much as I wanted to travel around with the avatar, this place was pretty cool. "I've been here for ages and nothings happened." katara looked stumped, like a mother that was outwitted by a child. "well, we can never be to careful. Zuko could be following us." I opened my mouth to ask who Zuko was, but Aang got up and said "come on Katara you know me better then that! Just a simple monk." he walked up to the window and there was bundles of screams. I ran to the window and saw a bunch of fan girls waving at Aang. He waved back. "simple monk." I repeated, rolling my eyes to katara.

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