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"Ok little monster who's parents probably secretly hate and wished to have protection that night. And Jack. Tonight's homework is to read chapter 20 to the end. So raise your hand if you know your not gonna do it"I said.

Almost half the class raised their hand. "Dominic. Raise your damn hand"I said. He did. I put all the names down. "Ok see you people later. Get out"I pointed to the door.

After everyone left, Jack walked up to my desk. "Bad headache?"he asked. "I sometimes think he purposely chooses the strong ones to just mess with me"I laughed. "He still went back?"he asked. I nodded. "This morning. This time dickhead called him"I murmured.

"Well, you know me I don't give the best of advice. All I can say is tell him how you feel"he shrugged. I let out a sigh.

"Yeah kid you suck at advice"I laughed. He nodded. "So anything bad happen last night?"I asked. "Nope. Great. Oh look at the time got to go"he tried to run out. "Jack"I said. He shook his head. "Bye Mr.Winchester"he waved and walked out.

Just than I felt my phone buzz.

Cassie-Hey wanna get lunch. On me
Me-I don't know.
Cassie-I wasn't really asking. Come on. I'll get you pie
Me-you have me at pie. See ya later after some more classes
Cassie-yay. See ya soon

I turned off my phone and waited for my next class. Rethinking every god damn choice I have ever made that includes Cas.

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