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Couple months later.....

I woke up due to someone shaking me, and when I opened my eyes seeing Dontae, I regretted it.

"What do you want?"

I asked him still with my eyes closed, over the months he's become more crazy. And to make matters worse I haven't been out the house, the only outside I get is the backyard which is not interesting to look at anymore.

"For you to get up, so I can tell you something."

I didn't reply as I continued to lay there until he opened my eyelids causing me to instantly sit up.

"Can you please leave me alone!?"

"I'll leave you alone when I feel like it so as of now you need to get your ass up, and get ready."

I sighed and continued to sit there as if he said nothing, until I felt him slap me.

I instantly reacted by continuously socking him everywhere until I started getting tired, and eventually he grabbed my hands.

"So that's what we doing now?"

"I fucking hate you!"

I yelled as I reached over and repeatedly socked him until he grabbed my wrist.

"I fucking love you, don't you see!?"

He yelled back with hurt in his eyes, but his eyes instantly changed back to looking empty.

"This isn't love, this is abuse."

I said while trying to get him to release my wrist which were starting to hurt from his tight grip.

"You don't know what your talking about, so shut up."

He said calmly as he continued to sit on the bed looking at me.

"I do actually. Shamar never put his hands on me aggressively out of anger, instead he would go work out. Like a real man should!"

Once I said that he grabbed me by my neck and I began clawing at his face until he stopped me.

"I'm not Shamar, I'm Dontae and don't forget that."

"Oh how could I ever forget who you are?"

I say dramatically looking at him, not backing down from his hard glare.


He said as he got off the bed.

"Your mamas a bitch."

"And that bitch will beat your ass."


"I really don't understand you, you been gone more three months now and your still acting the same way as when you came here."

"There's no need for me to change, I don't understand why you took me in the first place."

"Your mines forever."

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