Part 26 (2)

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Chloe: I'm assuming she picked up then?

Georgie: Yes. There's seven of them.

Chloe: SEVEN?!

Georgie: Yep. I've got Trinity's snapchat so I can trace her on there. 

Chloe: Are you sure about this?

Georgie: No, but if I fail, make sure to tell everyone I love that I love them.

Chloe: K.

Georgie: Oh and btw you're coming with me.


Georgie: Yeah, I did say that.

Chloe: Oh fgs, fine. But I die, you're for it.

Georgie: How..? You'll be dead!

Chloe: >:/

Georgie: lol sorry

Chloe: So I'll meet you at Morrison's?

Georgie: No because that's so far away for me to go! And plus, it's in the completely wrong direction. 

Chloe: Oh. Where will we meet then?

Georgie: Hm, at the Asda near me?

Chloe: OK fine. I'll catch the bus down because I cba to walk.

Georgie: Lol 

Chloe: Ugh... there's an awful ringing in my ears. It hurts!

Georgie: Don't worry, I know how you feel. We all get it.

Chloe: No. This is different. It's loud and it hurts! Nobody else on the bus can actually hear it.

Georgie: Weird. Maybe you're just paranoid?

Chloe: Urm, no! Paranoia does NOT sound like this, Georgie.

Georgie: Where are you anyway? It's cold D:

Chloe: Just coming down the road. It's not that far. 

Georgie: In fact, I've started walking. 

Chloe: WHAT WHY?!

Georgie: I'll meet you there.

Chloe: But I don't know where to go!

Georgie: You know the big field near the bowling alley?

Chloe: No..?

Georgie: Ugh I'll send you a screenshot of the map.

Chloe: OK.


Georgie has sent a screenshot. 

Chloe: Ohhhh! I know where that is.

Georgie: Thought you did. 

Chloe: Right. You might get there before me because you're a quick walker and I've gotta catch another bus.

Georgie: Yeah. I might also go inside if you're not there within five minutes.

Chloe: Oh no! Please don't leave me alone!

Georgie: Mate we're gonna have to split off anyway when we get inside.

Chloe: Oh god I'm not gonna enjoy this

Georgie: Neither am I.

Chloe: Oh! The ringing in my ears has abruptly stopped. 

Georgie: That's weird. But good.

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