Forest Of Nightmares

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Brooklynn groaned in agony as bordem consumed us. "There's nothing to do!!" She groaned.

I groaned along. "JADE- BROOKLYNN!! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DO SOMETHING!!" My dad called. I looked over at my sis.

"Whelp, we're being kicked out. Let's go." I sighed, as I pushed myself up.

Brooklynn was my dads friends child. She often visited when there was a break in school. She was like a sister to me. The two of us left the house and stood outside in our jackets and rain boots for a few moments. The previous days had been filled with rain and snow. The ground was muddy and the air was windy and cold. We sighed, and trudged forward, until we left the neighborhood. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked.

Brooklynn shook her head. "I've got no idea."

I looked forward and sighed. "Do you wanna go see that forest that's just past the gas station?" I asked.

"Are you serious?! You know someone died in there." Brooklynn snapped.

I snickered. "What. Are you chicken?"

Brooklynn growled. "Nobody calls me chicken. Let's go." She snapped. 

I laughed, as she stomped towards the gas station. We stopped there to buy a drink, and some snacks. "What do you want to get?" I asked, as I pulled a small bag of trail mix and M&M's off the shelf.

"What do you think?" She scoffed, as she pulled a bag of Easter themed jelly beans off the shelf behind me, and some crackers. 

"Tch. Typical of you." I snorted at her.

We grabbed some energy drinks, and bought them. We left the store, and began running to the forest. Our breath was visible in the cold air, and as we approached the forest, it only seemed to get colder. We walked past an abandoned house, and stopped and stared at it. "I don't remember this being here." I murmured.

"Of course you don't. We've never been here." Brooklynn sneered. 

I looked at her, then at the house again. Before I could reply, she began trudging to the forest. I was about to follow her, when something moved in the bushes. I ran up behind her and grabbed her arm. "What are you-" 

"SHH" I whispered quickly. 

I pointed towards the two large sleeping dogs, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler laid snoring loudly. Brooklynn went quiet, and we ushered past them as quickly as our legs could take us. We walked quickly and quietly into the forest, and the farther we got from the entrance, the faster we moved. Before long we were running. We stopped as we walked onto a makeshift bridge, made up of wooden planks placed horizontally, held up by two large sticks. We panted heavily, and Brooklynn turned around, checking to see if we were followed by the dogs. "Coast is clear." She breathed urgently. 

A low rumbling sound stopped our breathing. We froze and exchanged looks. I grabbed her arm, and pulled her behind a large shrub, and waited quietly. A few moments passed, until the sound became a loud roaring. Suddenly, a 4-wheeler drove past. It dragged a large, black, foul-smelling bag. The man driving had a skeleton mask on, and a pistol on a holster around his belt. I looked over at Brooklynn, and mouthed, what is that horrible smell. 

She shrugged. We looked back, to see the red trail was gone, along with the sound of the 4-wheeler. I stopped, and ran out. I looked left and right. "Where on earth did he go?!" I yelped.

Brooklynn followed me. "I've got no idea..." She murmured. 

I looked around, and froze. "Uhh.. Brooklynn? Where on earth did we come from.?" She looked at me. 

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