Chapter 14

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The air was brisk, the leaves were turning all colors of reds and yellows. The crunchiest lay to the side of the path already broken.

I had wandered off after bad mouthing the gate guards as they tried to keep me in. Although I desperately needed time to myself my mind was elsewhere. No matter how long I spent in this castle, no matter how close I got to Katara or Brewer I felt alone, isolated.

I stopped walking, finally surrounded by the green forestry. My eyes closed as I took a deep breath, the cold air freezing my lungs. My exhale caused clouded air in front of my face, a small smile formed on my face. I continued on the sandy trail, the path intertwining in the lush trees. The air was crisp and got colder as the sun started to set. I had been walking for a couple hours, but my legs weren't tired for a second.

"You're a long way from home aren't you pretty thing." I looked up and saw a brown haired man standing a good length in front of me. I stopped walking and I corked my body into my fight position. My feet shoulder width apart flat on the ground. My arms by my side ready to fight or protect. I looked him up and down not saying a thing. He wasn't too tall but definitely not my height. He had muscles but not ripped more... in shape.

"What do you want?" I ask unsure of who he was and what he wanted.

"I work for your little love bug, I'm here to collect you." He looked at me a small smile growing on his face. I wasn't fooled by him though.


"Too smart for your own good." He took a step to me and his abrasive growl set me off. I charged as did he, turning into a wolf mid-jump beating him too the first strike. My front claws landed on his chest and pinned him down my claws digging into him. His fist connected with my jaw and my head snapped away, taking the opportunity he shifted and caught my arm with his nails.

His bottom legs hit my stomach and I flipped over him my back slamming on the ground, quickly trying to regain dominance I popped up and growled at him telling him to stay away. His disregard for my warning sparked a fire inside of me, knowing he had a decent blow to my arm made me far more angry. I charged at him and he to me, both of us snapping our teeth and baring our fangs. He went for my neck but I ducked my head, so his teeth grabbed the back of my neck. With a quick flick I was thrown behind him, my back struck a tree and I howled out. I felt the little cuts on my back start to bleed and I pushed myself off the ground.

A paw shoved me to the ground once again and I whined for its nails cut my skin. My body unwillingly shifted back to my human form, my breathing now labored and my skin cold and bruising. He shifted back himself laying his hands on my throat making sure I was down. His rough hands held me down and I grunted in pain.

"Wow," he chuckled, "you sure are a fighter. No wonder Brewer chose you."

"Fuck you," I spat out my spit hitting his face, he disgustedly took one hand and wiped his face.

"Oh, say it again baby. It makes me so goddamn hard." He forcefully kissed my neck and stifled my shriek with his hand. My nails scratched against his now bare chest trying to find some weak spot. I felt his skin beneath my nails and little blood smear on his chest. He stopped kissing me and grabbed my hands. The man shook his head like a parent scolding a child, a small smirk forming on his face. "Now, don't start being difficult now princess, shh," he snuffed my cry but my eyes still held terror as his eyes held something, ravenous.

Holding my hands in a death grip, he moved his head towards my lower abdomen. His chapped lips brushed my stomach, my body shivering uncontrollably. I felt the salty tears start to make my skin raw, as he removed my clothes. His smile was uncomfortably calm, as were his actions.

I looked up as he removed his clothes, my hands still held together and my legs under him exhausted from kicking. Dear god, this can't be happening. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt him ripped everything I owned away from me. I screamed in pain as he rocked himself at his own speed into me, I felt his palm hit me cheek. He grabbed my chin pulling my face to his, "Shut the fuck up and you'll enjoy it." My legs had stopped wriggling to get away and I laid there letting him have his way with me. "Oh my god you're so tight," he moaned into my ear, I turned my face in disgust as he continued to moan. He started to quicken the pace and I couldn't help but scream in pain and uncomfort. I looked up trying to imagine myself somewhere else, I looked at my boots which were thrown a stray right above my head. They glinted from their polish, the untouched boots.

The boots, Katara wouldn't leave me defenseless, The only way I could get to the boots were if he let my hands go. "More, please give me more!" I moaned moving my hips into his I looked into his face, a small had started to grow on it.

"I knew you would like this," he replied. I licked my lips and carefully his hands left my wrists and wrapped my face our lips intertwining as I moved one of my hands down his chest and the other behind me grabbing the boots sole. Finding the compartment that held a knife I pulled it out and flicked it open. I heard his gurgled cry as the knife entered his neck like it was butter. I felt warmth inside of me and I knew what happened. Blood dripped onto my neck pooling in my contours and findings its way to my stomach. I cried out knowing what he did.
I didn't want to kill him, I wanted to teach him a lesson, everyone a lesson. I am not one to be messed with, I choose what I do. I am myself and I won't succumb to anyone. I am violated, used and hurt. I am not the Beta. I am an Alpha.

I. Am. Weak.

He had his way with me so I made sure I had mine with him.

As I walked past a couple houses I could see in the window I was covered in blood, my mouth had blood smeared across it, it was it my hair and covering my body and face. I couldn't help but grin at my appearance. The hushed whispers were my the music to my naked and bloodied victory march to the castle.

I swung open the door to the castle and strutted through my bloody footprints marking my way through the castle.
"Maven?" Brewer rounded the corner and his shocked face was almost a blessing, though it quickly turned to worry and he started towards me. I lifted my bloodied hand and shoved it into his chest pushing him back.

"Don't touch me."

"What happened, are you okay?"

"A little horseman thought it was a good idea to play a game. Go find his body in the forest deary." A smile grew on my face as his frown was more timid and confused. "I'll see you in the bedroom." I walked by him and turned the corner slowly making my trail to my own bedroom, which was fixed and in good shape by now. Looking at myself in the mirror I painted with the blood on my skin, naturally my hand rose and left its red imprint over my face. The shower was steaming and I left conscious in the trash to wash myself.

My damp hair was pulled back into a bun and my arm was scarring but I covered myself with the robe in the bathroom and made my way to Brewer's beautiful bedroom. A bowl of hot soup was awaiting me courtesy of Katara I'm sure. I closed my eyes and calmly waited for Brewer to come back.

"Maven," Brewers voice filled the air and I looked up at him. He looked beautiful, the moonlight showing off his flawless skin, the tiny bit of gray in his hair. I stood up, looking him in the eye. I'm so done not being in charge, I'm done with these petty games. I untied the robe and dropped it, exposing myself to him. My lover, the one I'm meant to be with. Brewer's mouth hung open as he took in my body. Though the look didn't last long for he turned his head and closed his eyes. "I smell him all over you."

"You don't want to believe what you think happened did." I knew Brewer knew what that man did to me but he doesn't know how far it went, and he doesn't need to. I can fix this. "Brewer come to me." I softly spoke, his eyes opened and we slowly padded to me. "You've been waiting so long," I softly grabbed his face and kissed him. He finally responded back and I smiled as I touched my body and I his.

That night he didn't just mark me, but I felt two very important things happen.

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