Chapter 3

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Brian handed Alexis to Lynn, Lynn loved kids. Brian stood by me, but he seemed very tensed. He seemed like I was the bad person here. He is the one who got me pregnant. I didn't even like him at first, especially since he was Mia's boyfriend.

Alexis seemed content by Lynn.

Damon stared at me, and Alexis. Then he gave a mean glare to Brian.

Amy, Maddie, and Laura circled around Lynn and Alexis.

Brian and Damon stared at me, like there was something I should do or say.

" Emma, what happened? You were such a sweet girl, that's why I went out with you in the first place, you were nothing like your sister," Damon said softly I could hear regret in his voice.

" I am not like my sister, I am with Brian, not a million different guys," I told him even though he had no say in my life. I didn't have to explain myself to him.

" Leave her alone," Brain said just as Alexis started crying for me again.

I grabbed her from Lynn.

" Mommmmy I want my animal then I go nighhh," Alexis said softly. She pointed to her bear with her little fingers. Brian grabbed he blue bear and I took her back up to her bed.

" Good~Night baby," I said turning the nightlight back on then turned off the room light and shut the door.

When I got downstairs everyone started to stare at me.

" Why didn't you tell me Emma!" Brian yelled all his anger spilling out at me.

" I didn't want to ruin everything Brian," I told him.

" I could have been there for you, I could have helped, I missed the birth of my daughter!" Brian yelled he was still angry.

I started crying I though I had done what was best, but now it felt as though I did everything wrong. Everything I have done lately has seemed wrong.

" Brian I'm sorry, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone," tears flew rapidly out of my eyes.

My friends were looking at me, Lynn wrapped me in a hug.

" Its okay," she murmured.

" Brian calm down, don't you understand!" Ashley yelled at him.

It felt so good to have the support of my friends. I loved them.

Damon stalked out of the room. A couple minutes later I heard a car start. Damon left, this had hurt him, but he was kissing my sister. He had kissed her when they were going out. Then he felt as though he had every right to be mad at me for being with Brian.

Brian looked at me, he sighed.

I knew this wasn't over I was going to hear about this forever. The rest of my life. I hope Alexis wouldn't hate me. Brain was going to use this against me.

I stopped crying, but Lynn held me there for a while. It was so comforting. I was back with my friends and family, even if Mia doesn't like it.

" I'm sorry for blowing up at you Emma, I know you were just trying to be there for Alexis, and let me finish high school without having to worry," Brian told me reclaiming me from Lynn.

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