Chapter 8

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Brianna's POV
Today is my 18th birthday . I got up early went for a run showered and ate breakfast with mom and dad they wished me a happy birthday and gave me my new phone my uncle sent for my birthday.

After breakfast mom and told me they had a surprise for me outside . Mom covered my eyes and dad held my hand and went outside . When I we reached outside I saw a purple Lamborghini I was so happy caused I wanted to ask dad and mom for it .
(This is the car below )

I drove it to school and when I got out of the every one was starting at me . Britt walk up to me and told me happy birthday . She gave me a birthday cake .

I passed out invitations toy party . The schools queen bee Rachel was talking with her minions I walked up to them and gave her an invitation and Ashely one of her minions grabbed it out of my and started to yell in my face because I had slept with ex Brandon and she slapped me in my face and then I punched her in the nose and started beating her . Someone separated us and took us the principals office . I got detention and she got lunch duty . I walked out of the office and into my history class .

Chris POV
Yesterday was amazing I got to spend the day with Brianna . Today is her birthday and I wanted to get her a present and ask her to be my girlfriend. I was in history class when I saw her walk in and sat down beside me . I poor her in her side and she wince at my touch . I ask her what's wrong and she said she got into a fight . Tomorrow I got I fight with someone named the Ripper and that he /she wins every fight I was looking forward to that fight tomorrow. I got an invitation from Brianna to come to her party .

Brianna's POV
I arrived home and mom and dad said grandpa and grandma gave me a present I should go freshen up and come . After I went to the bathroom and freshen up I went downstairs and went up near the woods . When I got out of the car I saw  very beautiful cabin . Mom told me grandma and grandpa said it was my 18th birthday present and it owned by me .
(The cabin outside and inside.)

I was so happy . Mom then showed me her and dads present . It was a mansion .(Picture of mansion down below)

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