come back up

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why can't I just come back up from love?
this ardor that I still feel, it lingers.
it's been so long, so many days
yet I'm still so hung over them.

the storm inside of me,
just confuses who I am
and I try to swim through the currents,
only to be knocked back down by the waves.

I try to explain my heart to my mind,
as my heart is so keen on drowning
but my mind is set on swimming
and I am in a loop.

why can't I just rise back up
from their cold embrace
and fall into someone better
so this regret can chip away?

but I can't fall into someone better!
they're the one I fell for the most
they're the one I know the most.
they're the one I seek the most.
they're the one I desire to see the most.
they're the one I love...the most.

they're the only one I've ever loved
from my entire life,
it has always been them.
but now, I can no longer have what we had...

all because of me.

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