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arizona.rielly; my new album Blue is out now. I wrote this album when i was going through a rough time in my life and it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out❤️

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quinn_evans; you are so beautiful! and the new album is amazing!

hay.parker; absolutely amazing!

arizona.rielly; thx girls! quinn_evans hay.parker

williamnylander; this is awesome

daniel.woods; it's so good! btw i'm coming to toronto in a few days

arizona.rielly; can't wait to see you😊 daniel.woods

kasperikapenen1; keep up the good work

43kadri; ^

arizona.rielly; thanks boys kasperikapenen1 43kadri

morganrielly; you are so strong and brave and i love you so much. i know what you were going through when you wrote this and now that it is out there for everyone to hear is incredibly brave. keep killing it sis❤️❤️

arizona.rielly; thank you so much for your support and i love you soooooo much Mo❤️ morganrielly

marner_93; this album is fire 🔥 and OMG MORGAN THAT WAS SO CUTE!

auston_matthews; it's wonderful luv you baby💕

arizona.rielly; thx babe luv u too💕auston_matthews


it's okay ↝ auston matthews✔️Where stories live. Discover now