~26~The Girl Who Killed You~

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Jaden's pov

~~Another Month Later~~

''Jaden,your in on this right?''Glitch crossed her arms,Draco rolling his eyes.

''Fuck. Fine.''I groaned and walked into the bathroom and put on bright blue eye contacts and a blonde wig,I put on red lip sticthat smeared a little at the edges. I made a black wing on my eyes.

I walked out and wore a black dress with a red jacket over it,I wore black lace leggings and black and red shoes.

''Perfect. Name?''Slit asked.

''Um. Gracie.''I guessed and they all nodded.

''Lets go over the plan.''Glitch shifted.

''Okay.''I put my hand on my hip.

''You are Gracie. A Gryffindor Queen. Your Related to Adam Derulo. The Famous Gryffindor King a few years ago. You are a bad girl,which means you are tough,like yourself,and slutty. You are trying to get Trent,make him fall for you and kill him and nick. Leave out Sam,he's on our side.''Glitch explained and I nodded again.

''Good luck.''Tom spoke up,his arm around Harley as she nodded in agreement.

''Bye.''I put the earpiece in my ear and kissed Draco quickly before walking out,I walked through the halls as they watched through a camera.
''Who's that?''People whispered as I walked by.

''Hey.''I walked over to Trent and his two friends.

''Hello. I'm Trent.''He held out his hand.

''Gracie.''I shook his hand,Nick seemed to be surprised and Sam was trying not to smirk.

''Need anything,beautiful?''Trent asked.

He fell for me way to quickly. Now all I have to do is seduce him and then kill him.

''Yeah,follow me.''I held his hand as I pulled him into the room I came out of,all my crew hiding.

''Yes?''Nick followed along.

''Sit.''I commanded and they both sat immediately.

''I'm gonna show you.''I took off my jacket to reveal my dress,they both stared.

I heard glitch mumble more.

I could hear Draco growling through my ear piece.

I took off my dress to reveal my lace bra,I had shorts on.

Nick and Trent got up and started kissing me.

''Now!''Glitch yelped as I choked Trent,he struggled and he turned purple,nick scurried back to the corner of the room and I threw Trent into the chairs.

''You little bitch..''He mumbled.

''Bitch? After you have been in my fucking life for years now,I think this is payback.''I growled.

''Who are you?''Trent was by nick in the corner now.

''I am Jaden Marvolo Potter; The Girl Who Lived. The Girl who you always had a special interest in. The one who you loved to make you look like you were dating me so you could ruin my relationship with the only guy I love. Oh and For you Nick,the girl you had a special interest in. The girl who trusted you for years until you stabbed her in the back. I am Jaden Potter and you are dead to this world.''I slammed my knife into trents leg and he yelped,I took it out as nick scrambled around the room,I took Glitch's gun and shot nick before blood splattered on the walls. Trent bled out and I dropped my knife,hitting his heart.

''Great!''Sam and my crew all came In.

''Disgusting.''I scowled and took out the contacts and wig.

''Clearly.''Tom looked around.

''Here.''Harley flicked her wand and the room was spotless,no bodies or anything.

''Thanks Harley.''Glitch high fived her and I walked out and put of comfy clothes.

''Glitch high fived her and I walked out and put of comfy clothes

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Draco held my hand as we left the room.

''At least they're gone.''He pointed out and I nodded.

''Yeah.''I shrugged.

''Thanks Beautiful.''Draco kissed my cheek and we walked outside.

''Snow!''I gasped as snowflakes landed in our hair.

''Makes you look prettyyyy!''I looked at Draco and he grumbled,I ran my fingers through his hair as we read a book.

''I'm glad you're here.''He gazed at me while I sat on his lap.

''I'm glad you're here too.''We both blushed and kissed sweetly.

''Love You.''Draco and I said at the same time before kissing eachother.

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