Chapter Five: University

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"You're a wild card when it comes to alcohol," Todd said. "You're either good for a laugh or you go weird and start talking about sex non-stop."

"Both of those sound fun to me," Levon told him and Todd rolled his eyes.

"Both of those sound annoying, but at least when I can laugh at you it's bearable."

"You don't drink much anymore," Levon pointed out rather suddenly and Todd blinked at the change of subject. He shoved some food into his mouth and Levon patiently waited for an answer.

"It stopped being fun," Todd finally answered.

"Anything to do with how you nearly died that time?" Levon asked and Todd looked to his food, shrugged his broad shoulders. That had been among the worst days of Levon's life; right up there with the time Levon had gotten t-boned at an intersection and broken three ribs.

"I mean, that was a huge wakeup call," Todd snorted. "I thought your moms would kill me if the alcohol hadn't."

"They wanted to kill you," Levon agreed. It had been three in the morning. Betto had called Levon's moms to let them know Todd was in the hospital. Levon ended up driving over from his university and to keep an eye on Todd. It had been a hellish weekend. "I wanted to kill you."

"So, I don't drink much anymore. Don't want a repeat of that," Todd said. "You don't drink much either so it's not weird."

"Yes, but I've never drank much. I prefer to have fun and remember that fun," Levon stated.

"Or you just don't want to embarrass yourself because you're a massive lightweight," Todd smirked. Levon narrowed his eyes and flipped him off with a sauce covered finger.

When they were done eating they stopped at the market for some junk food because they needed to have snacks right after they finished their meal. Todd was unhelpful as Levon snatched up a couple bags of chips and some chocolate covered almonds. Then walked the ten minutes back up to Todd's dorm, arguing over who had to carry the bags.

"Watch a movie or let me kick your ass at Mario Kart?" Todd asked when they were settling back into his room and Levon snorted.

"Like hell I'm ever playing Mario Kart with you again," Levon said. "You gave me a bloody lip last time."

"First of all, that was your fault for standing too close to me," Todd said and started getting Netflix set up on his laptop. "Secondly, that was like a year ago. Move on."

"It hurt and I won't ever forget it," Levon told him. He sat on the bed and made himself comfy with the snacks to watch the movie. "What are we watching?"

"Options are John Wick, Amazing Spiderman or John Wick," Todd said and Levon smirked.

"Amazing Spiderman."

"Wrong, we're watching John Wick," Todd set the movie to play and flicked the lights off except for the dim lamp on his desk. He came and sat next to Levon and put the laptop between them.

"I hate this movie. It's so sad. I love it too much," Levon complained.

"You need to straighten out your opinions," Todd told him with an eye-roll.

"Nothing about me will ever be straight," Levon promised. They ended up watching both the John Wick movies on Todd's laptop, bickering and criticizing different parts.

When both movies were done, the building was pretty much dead silent. They both brushed their teeth, then came back to the room and Todd locked the door, locked them in the room.

"This bed is a lot smaller than the one we share at home," Levon stated, glancing at the single bed. He had a double at home, and even that was a squeeze sometimes with Todd. Todd shrugged and pulled off his jeans. He had on a pair of Batman boxers that Levon was sure could come off with a single tug. Levon looked away.

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