Chapter Five: University

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"You can read any of my books, but I will break you if you wreck any of them," Todd didn't look up, already getting back to work, and Levon let his eyes flick over the books on the shelf above the desk. Levon decided to read the copy of It he had in his bag, settling down on the green comforter. Levon had finished all the pressing work he had had before he set out for Todd's.

They were silent for a little while, and Levon felt himself becoming more and more relaxed in Todd's presence, and more and more amused with the glances Todd would occasionally shoot over his shoulder. As if he wasn't sure what to make of the situation. But he didn't seem unhappy.

"Levon?" Betto spoke up, stopping in the doorway and blinking in surprise. Todd lifted his head to look at his friend in question.

"Hey, buddy," Levon grinned looking up from the book.

"What do you need, Betto?" Todd asked impatiently.

"Oh," Betto tore his eyes from Levon. "We were going to go get some food then head to the pub. Wondering if you still wanted to come with?"

"I'm not really in the mood for drinking," Todd declined easily. "Maybe next week."

"You and Levon have plans?" Betto smiled a little, amusement rising in his eyes and Todd glared at him. "Sleepover?"

"How about you go fuck off with your other friends," Todd suggested and Betto laughed. He wiggled his brows at Levon and Levon had to laugh.

"I noticed you two getting close over the break. Didn't realize just how close," Betto teased and Todd chucked a pen at him.

"Get out of here before I get Alexis to write your ass up!" Todd snapped and Betto fled from Levon's view, cackling the whole way. Levon presumed Alexis was an RA. "Pain in my ass."

"I could be the pain in your ass if you prefer," Levon said and Todd scowled at him.

"Just shut up and go back to reading. I'm almost done," Todd turned his back and got back to work. Levon smirked then his phone started buzzing so he checked his texts. Betto was cracking more jokes in their group chat about not being invited to a sleepover in his own building. Then Cash and Aisha were both privately texting him to know how things were going with Todd. Levon ended up putting down his book to chat with them while Todd finished.

When Todd was done he got up and quickly organized everything on his desk. Levon watched him with mild interest, eyes lingering on the jean-clad ass. Then Todd was pulling on a hoodie and a jacket and Levon got up.

"Where are we going?' Levon asked. He pulled on his own coat and grabbed his wallet before following Todd out of the room.

"We need to get some supper," Todd stated. "I'm starving."

"Sounds awesome," Levon agreed and checked the time on his phone. It was six.

They walked down to the campus bar because Todd decided that Levon had to try the wings they sold. Levon was happy to go just about anywhere with Todd. It wasn't that often that they hung out outside of Levon's house just the two of them.

Eventually, they were seated with their platter of chicken wings. It was a cute place, they didn't have one at Levon's Uni. There were plenty of students in the space, a lot of which were drinking. Todd and Levon each had a tall glass of soda.

"You could have gone bar hopping with your friends," Levon eventually said when Todd's eyes lingered on a group of men drinking together. Todd's gaze snapped to Levon.

"You are way too much of a nutcase," Todd snorted. "You'd ruin the fun."

"Are you saying I'm not fun?" Levon arched a brow. He'd had to roll the sleeves of his white-blue striped shirt up to eat the messy meal and was trying very hard not to wipe his hands on his flashy red pants.

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