Please 2! 2 - How to ask a favor

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This chapter contains mature content.

Yuuto leaned over his boyfriend's chest, listening to his heart thump. Even though it had been some time since they made love, it was still beating faster. The teacher smiled and ran his finger around the artist's nipple, making little circles.

Seiji closed his eyes and a smile appeared on his lips. He looked as if he was the happiest man in the world.

The teacher knew the artist enjoyed when they just stayed in bed like this. According to him, it was as if they had a world only for them. Yuuto liked it too. Whenever he waked up before Seiji, which happened to be a lot, since the former student rarely waked in time for breakfast, he would just watch his boyfriend's sleeping face, asking himself how such a cute face could be so lewd.

But right now, Yuuto didn't enjoy as much. Now is a great time to ask again, the teacher thought, taking a deep breath. He brought his mouth closer to Seiji's ear.

"Please, Seiji," he whispered, using the sweetest tone he had. The teacher knew the man he loved was weak against that voice.

Seiji trembled a little. He looked at the teacher, pressing his lips. Then averted his gaze. "I don't know..."

Yuuto realized this was one of the few times when his sweet voice alone wasn't enough to convince his boyfriend. Damn... I need more. Just a little more... What can I say or do to convince him to do it just once?

"Please, Seiji... just once..." He begged again, nibbling on Seiji's ear.

"It's... it's not me, you know? I don't see myself in your place," he said, his cheeks and ears a slight shade of pink. The painter looked at the cosplayer, pressed his lips and ran a hand through his hair with an awkward expression. "This is you, you know? You're perfect for it. Almost as if you're meant for it... but I..."

He's considering! Yuuto saw the chance and did his best to suppress his smile. I need to get serious. If I just push him a little more, he'll do it, the teacher realized. He took a deep breath and got closer to Seiji's ear again.

"If you do this for me, I'll make it worth your while," Yuuto whispered. Not in his sweet tone, but in his seductive voice.

It worked as he expected. The reaction was instantaneous. Seiji's breathing slowed down. Controlling his own urges, Yuuto slipped a hand under the sheets, sliding down his artist's belly, all the way down between the legs.

The moment his fingers touched his lover's manhood, it grew. When Yuuto closed his hand around it, he could feel it hardening. His lips curled into a sly smile.

The reaction wasn't just because of the surprise. Nor because of the ego boost Seiji had whenever Yuuto's small hands caressed his member, making it look bigger. He always denies it, but I know he likes, the teacher thought.

No. The instant reaction was because Yuuto had learned to please Seiji in many ways in the short time they had become a couple. And not only that; he had become good. Too good. He had barely started, but with few moves, Seiji closed his eyes, breathing slowly through his nose, his manhood growing even more each time the hand went up and down.

Yuuto had seen that expression many times. When he was going up and down on his lover's member or when they had sex facing each other. The teacher loved seeing that expression; he became mesmerized by the look. Even now, when he was trying to convince Seiji, he moved his hand faster, just to see more of that face.

There was only one downside. It wasn't actually a problem, but every time Yuuto pleasured Seiji, he became aroused himself. And it turned into a problem when the teacher felt his own member hardening.

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