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I woke up to my phone ringing. I look to the other side to not see Amelia. I check my phone but find out it wasn't mine. I look and see the door opened. I get up and start walking towards the living room.

"Babe?"I called out.

"I have to go. Bye"I heard her say. I than finally see her walk out of the kitchen. "Hey. What's up?"she asked. I gave her a look. "Nothing. Who called you?"I asked. She shook her head.

"No one"she said quickly. I raised an eyebrow.

"So you were talking to yourself?"I questioned. She laughed.

"That's funny. Your funny babe"she said awkwardly.

"Amelia?"I asked. "Sam"she smiled.

It was silence for at least twenty seconds than she let out a sigh. "I'm sorry"she said.

"About?"I asked.

"Nothing. I need to go to work. Love you"and she ran out. I just stood there for a couple minutes.

Than I hard my phone go off,so I ran up the stairs.

"Hello"I answered. "You me, and Claire. Late breakfast early lunch"A female voice said. "Charlie? You have Claire? Do Cas and dean know?"I asked.

"Partly. They fell asleep when I went to visit. There's a sticky note on both faces. They trust me"she answered.

I didn't say anything. "Ok they trust you more. Come on."she begged.

"Sure. Let me get dress and....". " Just get dressed. I'm outside"She said and hung up.

After I got dressed, I walked downstairs and grabbed my keys. Than I got a text.

Red-Headed shipper- hurry baby is getting hungry
I smiled and walked outside to the car.

"Hey Sam"Charlie smiled. I smiled back. "So where we going?"I asked. "You'll see."she smiled.

While later

We were sitting in a nice little restaurant. Claire was still in her car seat next to me. Charlton the other side of the booth.

"So what's going on?"I asked. She shrugged. "Just wanted to catch up. Ask how your relationship is"she smiled.

"Why not talk to Amelia. You two are friends"I told her. She looked down.

"Not since I told her I was dating someone"she laughed. "Why? Who are you dating?"I asked.

"Her name is Dorothy"she said quietly while drinking her coffee. I shook my head.

"Listen I know she's against all that. But I'm not. I love you Charlie. Your like a little sister I never wanted"I laughed. "Thanks. So Gabe coming back"she said.

"Yeah. Listen I don't really wanna talk about him. K"I smiled. She nodded. "Of course. Yeah."she nodded. Just than Claire started to giggle.

"What you laughing at?"I smirked. "She is so tiny"Charlie told me. I nodded. Just than I heard a phone ringing. "Hello"Charlie answered her phone. "Yeah I have your kid."

"No she's alive."
"Yeah. With Sam. You just missed it. She giggled at him"
"That's a little harsh don't you think?"

"Ok. Yeah we are almost done eating. Yes. I will  bring your kid home alive. I like her. Ok bye"she hung up.

"I'm guessing Dean"I said. She nodded. She started to grab her stuff. "Let's go"she got up.

To Dean's they go

Once we got to dean's, Claire was out of her car seat in a second and in Castiel's arms. "Jeez"Charlie laughed. "What it's her nap time"he said. He than walked upstairs. Dean stared at us.

"One. How the hell did you get into my house. Two. Why did you take my kid?"he asked.

"Extra key. And you two were passed out. Besides I left a note. On both your faces"she shrugged. He let out a deep breath. "Just don't do it again. Apparently Cas didn't read the note until after he woke me up. And he noticed our daughter was gone right when he woke up"dean said. She nodded.

"Well, I'm gonna find a drink in your fridge"she ran to the kitchen.

"So, Sammy wanna talk about the party. It's in a couple days. And a certain person is gonna be there. And your kinda dating a bitch"he said I rolled my eyes.

"He's gonna be there. So what"I shrugged. I started to walk towards the front door. "Sammy"he called out. "No. I'm walking home. See ya later"I waved bye.

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