Chapter 5

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Brianna's POV
I woke up early today because of my stupid alram and I have school today yahh me sacrasm laced in my voice . I took a shower and put on some clothes . (The outfit at the top.)  I went downstairs and saw my mom making breakfast  . At sat at the kitchen island and she placed a plate if bacon and eggs infont if me with orange juice . As a place my in the dishwasher the housekeeper  Mara says goog morning and I reply . As I walk out of the kitchen I saw dad and went up to him and kissed him on the check and told him good morning and said how was his favourite baby doing this morning and I said good. Then I got I my pink ferrari I drove to Omiltan High .

When I got to school everyone was looking at my car qbd looking at me . I walked into the school and went to the principal's office to collect my class schedlue . After I collected my schedule  I walked out of his office and opened the door I bumped into a girl . I got up qbd helped her up also with her papers and said that I was sorry she said it was ok . She said that her name is Brittany  I told her that my name is Brianna. She asked me if I was new I told her yes she asked me my locker number and I told her it was number #36 she said that her locker number is #33 we were three lockers apart . We then walked English class with Mr . Jackson my first class.
This is Brittany below.

Chris POV
I was sitting in my English class at the back with my best friend in front of me then I saw the door opened and Brittany one if my gang member walked in class with Brianna .She was looking so hot and sexy in that dress she had on and I wanted so badly to walk up to her and hide her from all the boys staring at her . Brittany saw her Derrick who is her boyfriend and sat beside him . Brianna went to the teacher and asked her to introduce herself and she just walked from the front of the class and sat beside me . I tap her on her shoulder and said hi to her she replied with a nod I then asked her what's wrong and she said she didn't want to cone to school . During English class we talked till we didn't notice class was over . We had maths next which was not my favourite but cause Brianna had it I would no skip class and go . Me and Brianna went into maths class . After couple hours it was lunch time . Told Brianna to join us at lunch she said yes. Before we went to the cafeteria  I went to the football field to take care of some gang things . After coming back from the field I saw Brianna coming out I'd the girls bathroom with Jake her . He slapped her on her ass and she smiled a little . He said tomorrow and she said yes . I walk into the  cafeteria and buy my  lunch and sat with my gang .  Then I saw Brianna walking into the cafeteria and buying her lunch .Then  Jason walked up to her and asked her  something and said something to him about later. She saw Brittany sitting at the table and walked over to us . She sat down and started to talk to Brittany and Brittany was asking her questions about Jason and Jack and she said they were here toys to play with. Brittany then looked at her and asked here where she got that tattoo and she said 6years ago .

Another chapter finished again.

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