Chapter 17

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A/N - Just to clear something up: I said they were in Toronto and I'm not really sure why. It's supposed to be Indianapolis. Don't ask how I got those two mixed up T_T


“So…do any of you three care to tell me what you’re doing here climbing buildings, exactly?”

The four of us had grabbed a table at one of the hotel restaurants. I was currently interrogating them—well, Amelia mostly, because I was kinda sorta avoiding Alexander’s and Louisa’s faces—while angrily grinding up my banana split.

Amelia sighed wearily and eyed the goopy mess. “Only you could make a banana split look unappealing.”

“Answer the question, Amelia.” I gave my pathetic-looking dessert another stab.

“Well, we couldn’t get into your room without a room pass, and Genius here thought it would be better to surprise you than have the concierge people inform you.” Amelia jerked her thumb in Alexander’s direction and he frowned at her.

“Do you guys always follow Genius’s great ideas blindly?” I said flatly. “Because he’s usually dead wrong. Remember the time where he lost that math competition on purpose because winning had lost its appeal? Yeah. What a genius.”

Alexander sighed and shifted in his seat, crossing his arms. “I’m right here, you know.”

I ignored him and turned back to Amelia. “Putting Genius’s terrible idea aside, it’s Thanksgiving break. What are you doing away from your family?”

She must have sensed that I wasn’t in the mood for small talk, because Amelia sighed again and looked over at Louisa and Alexander. I still refused to even glance over at them. Okay, maybe a tiny peek out of the corner of my eye. Damn Alexander for looking so well kempt when I was in the middle of hating him.

“Well, my parents are away on a cruise and their flight got seriously delayed. I won’t be seeing them for the next few days at least.” She shrugged, trying to cover up her disappointment. “So much for Thanksgiving dinner.”


“Don’t worry about it. Not like it’s your fault.”

My brow furrowed up and I quickly forgot my sympathy for Amelia’s situation. “So then your logic was to drive up to Indianapolis and stalk me?”

Amelia smiled. “Geez, your ego is getting out of hand. I didn’t only come here to see you, you know. I’ve got other business to take care of nearby.”

“What kind of business?”

“The kind that’s none of your concern.”

I frowned, but Amelia just kept smiling at me in that way she knew I hated. Besides, if Amelia was clamming up, I’d respect her decision. We weren’t attached at the hip. We had our secrets. I could respect that.

An awkward silence fell upon the table. I stirred my spoon around the melted ice cream, concentrating hard on not looking at Alexander even though I could feel his eyes burning into my head.

“My dad…let me come,” Louisa offered quietly.

I looked up at her in surprise. She hadn’t said one thing the entire conversation, and now that I looked at her, she only appeared weary. Not angry at me. Not hateful. Just...tired. And somehow, seeing Louisa in that state dissolved the hostility between us.

“Really? I thought your dad would’ve sooner eaten his own foot than let you travel without him.”

“Yeah, well. Growing up has got to start somewhere.”

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