chapter 6

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Rosie pov:-

"Uh.. I...I don't kn..know", I strutted looking at him through my lashes, his eyes had a hint of mischievous and adoration,is that adoration towards me? I never thought our relationship will be like this, him teasing me and me blushing at him.

"Your my wife and I'm your husband, and I think that's enough reason for you to bath me and I you", he said in his strong husky voice leaning to my level. In one swift moment he carried me bridal style and walked towards the pool still looking in my eyes.

My heartbeat picked its pace and my face might be mistaken as tomato because I was blushing so hard. He slowly lowered us into the pool, I gulped averting my gaze towards the water. He lowered me in the pool, the water was chest deep for me and shoulder level for him. My nightdress was completely wet and clingy to my body.

"So beautiful",he whispered his hand removing my hair from the braid, I shivered even though the water was hot. After he removed my braid, he turned me around, my back facing him. He leaned towards my neck and started kissing and nibbling, his one hand was around me holding me firmly against him and other was playing with the straps on my shoulders.

"Ahhh....", I gasped when he suddenly turned me around to face him and ripped off my nightdress. I tried covering my body but he held my hand tightly stopping my action. His eyes roamed my body. With all my might I pushed away from him.

"St..stop, pl.. please", his eyes were pitch black showing that he was angry with my action. He closed his eyes and re opened them now it was back to grey.

"You cannot say no to me, I'm your husband and you belong to him"

"I'm n..not ready"

"You will never be ready if you always push me away", he came towards me, he turned me around so my back was facing him.

"But I'm sc..scared of you", I whispered. He started washing my back and shoulders.

"Your my mate, I will never hurt you", his hand massaged soothing my tensed muscles.

"What is a mate", I asked him, his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin on my shoulder.

"Every werewolf has a mate, like a soulmate, that has been paired by the moon goddess, wolves live their lives finding their other half and live happily ever after with them, they will die but never hurt their other half", he said looking at me, his eyes held sincerity and truth.

"How did you know that I'm your mate"

"We can smell our mate from miles away and when our eyes meet we see our with them, thats how we find our mate", he turned me around towards him and gave the soap to me and turned his back to me asking to rub his back.

"Thats why you came to my house that day?", I rubbed the soap on his back slowly, his body was warm unlike my shivering one. He leaned more in my hands.


"Why did you accept the marriage proposal from the king if you had a mate", I asked little annoyed wanting to know the reason.

"Every werewolf find their mate  when they shift for the first time but I didn't, I searched for you everywhere but I didn't find you, I thought I'm not blessed with a mate so I stopped my search", he turned around and I started rubbing his chest, it was little intimate rubbing his bare chest.we fell into comfortable silence the only sound was from the water around us.

I was still naked but I didn't feel naked for some reason I felt comfortable with him. Their was something that told me I can trust him. We don't know each other but we can get to know one other. We don't love each other but with the time we can learn to love.

"What are you thinking about", he placed his hand on my cheek bringing my face towards his, his other arm wrapped around my waist. I stopped rubbing his chest and took a hand full of water and poured on his chest rinsing the soap.

"Will you marry for the second time", I asked him the question which was nagging me from the start. He laughed loudly at my question throwing his head back. My cheeks turned red from embarrassment.

"Just few minutes before I told you that your my world and now your asking this, no I will not because in this life your my only wife and I vow you that", he hugged my body closer to him, after sometime I pulled away from him and held my palm to him, he looked at my palm confused.


"Promise", he kept his palm on my sealing the promise. It maybe childish but that meant everything to me. Maybe, just maybe my life could be perfect and we can have our own happy ending.

After an hour more we were done bathing, now currently we were lying on the bed looking at the stars through the window. The only sound in the room was from the cracking of the woods in the fireplace. We have been married only for four days but its like we have known each other for years.

"Sometimes I wish I could mark you just to know what your thinking in that little head of yours", I slap his chest playfully and giggle at his words. I stop giggling when I realized what he said and turned my head to side to look at him. Seeing the look on my he sighed and pulled me onto his lap.

"Im will not mark you without your consent or till your ready but its necessary to mark you. Marking is like laying a claim on each other. Till I mark you my wolf and I will not be satisfied, we will be impatient and more aggressive than usual", he explained, like he said before I can never be ready for him till I allow him.

"What will happen after you mark me, will it be painful", I questioned him feeling uneasy about the being in pain.

"After marking you we will be more connected,we can feel each other emotion, we can know each other thoughts and yes it will be painful but just for a day or so because you being a human you will heal slowly unlike us", after he explained we again were in comfortable silence and soon I fell into deep slumber in his arms with just one thought in my mind.

Should I allow him?


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