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Pen Your Pride

Zayn Malik (dirty)

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You were feeling very flirty and you decided to mess around a bit with Zayn.

He was laying down on the couch doing his usual thing; sleeping. He always looked so adorable when he was sleeping but you were bored - therefore you had to bug him to keep you entertained.

You grabbed a white sheet of paper and a sharpie. You wrote on it “Show me your dick….tionary.” and giggled to yourself.

“Oh Zaynnn,” you sang in a teasing tone.

He tossed on the couch a bit but didn’t wake up. You decided it was time for plan B. You kneeled down and went to the weak spot on his neck. You placed your lips gently on the exact spot and began to suck on his warm skin.

Zayn moaned softly in his sleep and you decided to nibble gently. He shot straight up and he breathed in and out loudly. He looked over at you and you grinned sheepishly.

“Why did you wake me up?” he mumbled in that sleepy, sexy voice that always gave you chills.

“I wrote you a little something-something,” you whispered seductively and teasingly into his ear.

You gave him the sheet of paper and he read it. His eyes grew wide and his expression on his face was pure amusement.

“Come on ‘Bradford Boy’, show me how you put the ‘bad’ into that little nickname,” you whispered into his ear, egging him on.

He shivered and you noticed he grew a bulge in less than five seconds - a new ultimate record!

“I don’t even say that anymore,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Well how about you do for one last time? Show me how to have fun, ‘Bradford bad boy’ style,” you smirked.

You saw the hunger and lust into his eyes. You smirked; you knew you won him over.

“Oh I will but trust me babe, you’ll be begging for more once you’ve been Bradforded,” he smirked and winked at you.

“Oh I’m so scared,” you rolled your eyes.

“You should be [Y/N],” Zayn said and grabbed your waist.

He pulled you over his shoulders like a fireman and you thought he was going to bring you to his room but instead; he brought you to the laundry room.

You were very confused as Zayn set you down on the very large washing machine and dryer that was connected.

“Um Zayn,” you asked. “What are we doing in here?”

“You asked for Bradford bad boy style and that’s what I’m giving you,” he smirked.

You were still very confused but Zayn said, “You’ll see soon enough.”

He hopped up as well and hovered over you. His lips met yours and you kissed him deeply. He tugged at your shirt and you let him take it off.

Zayn then attacked your jeans and threw them on the floor as well. You flipped so you were on top of him.

You took off his shirt and ran your fingers over his tattoos. He shivered and you traced your way down to his abs.

You stopped at the before last one and left your finger there.

“Don’t be a tease [Y/N],” he growled gently into your ear.

You were shocked; you had never heard Zayn speak in that kind of way.

He flipped you over again so he was on top. He took off his jeans and pressed his body down on yours. You felt his body warmth and you moaned softly as he began nibbling at your bottom lip.

You needed him inside of you, like right away.

“Zayn, please can you just get inside of me already?” you whimpered.

He smirked and made trails of kisses down from your neck to the beginning of your bra.

“I think I’ll wait a bit,” he smirked deviously and you groaned.

He knew he was torturing you and he just decided to continue it and make it worse.

Zayn unhooked your bra and threw it with all the other clothes on the ground. His fingers ran up to your breasts and he circled his index finger all around the entire breast; making your body tremble.

He continued kneading and massaging that same breast while his hot mouth found your other one. He took more inside his mouth than just the nipple and you gasped.

He began nibbling and sucking with force. You tilted your head back and let out a long moan.

You took off his boxers and went to touch his hardness but he pulled away and grabbed your hands before you reached.

“Nope, today it’s all about y-o-u,” he sang in a sing-song voice.

You got even more turned on; he knew how much you loved when he sang to you.

Zayn pulled out a condom and put it on his dick. You were a bit upset; you loved putting the condom on because you could tease him at the same time.

“Are you ready for the best sex of your life?” he smirked.

You nodded and Zayn positioned himself. Just when you thought he was going to go in you; he pressed two buttons on both combined machines.

The machines started vibrating and shaking. You looked up at Zayn, alarmed, and he just laughed.

“For more pleasure babe,” he explained. “You’ll feel the vibrations on your body and it’ll just give you more pleasure.”

As soon as Zayn entered you, the vibrations and shaking of the machines really started to quick in. Zayn didn’t take his time that day to make sure you were ‘used to his length’ or ‘starting slow’ - no, he never stopped the thrusting once for you to get used to it.

You had to adjust by the many thrusts which took an extra dozen. His speed was incredibly fast and you were shocked but so turned on.

Zayn gripped your legs and brought you closer to him. You arched your hips forward and Zayn let out a moan.

You felt him slam against your g-spot with such force and you screamed his name from pure pleasure.

Somehow - you didn’t even think it was possible - his thrusts became more aggressive; he went five times faster and his thrusts were more sudden and harder.

You moaned and felt you were almost at the peak of your orgasm.

“Zayn, I’m almost there,” you whimpered.

Zayn slowed down a bit and you groaned. You thought he was teasing you but in fact, he clicked another button and suddenly you felt the vibration get more rough and shook more.

He continued to pound in and out of you - slamming your g-spot every time - and the vibration was practically too much for you to handle.

Zayn went exactly in time with the vibration and you couldn’t handle it anymore. You arched your back and let out a long scream before you orgasmed.

Zayn smirked and pulled out of you. The vibrations and shaking were still going on so it was harder to catch your breath because you still felt some pleasure.

“So that’s Bradford bad boy?” you barely managed to whisper, still overwhelmed.

“Yeah, don’t you like better who I am now?” he asked you and pecked your lips softly, with no force or roughness at all.

“Yeah but the bad boy thing is good every two months or so,” you winked.

Zayn smirked and leaned closer to your face. He whispered against your lips, “I’ll keep that in mind.” before his lips met yours in such passion that could only be seen in the movies.

                                                                                                                                     THE END

Hope you like it :))) 

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