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(Chris' p.o.v)

The helicopter blades stop chopping through the air as we land in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Mike, Jessica and Sam have all fell asleep but I couldn't find the time to do so. Instead of sleep, I spent the journey to wherever this is gazing at James and (Y/N), trying to imagine myself where he is. (Y/N) woke up a while ago, but was too weak to talk, so she's been sitting on his lap due to a 'lack of comfortable seating'. I sound jealous don't I? Why am I jealous? She isn't mine, I have been mad at her for the majority of the time I've known her, so why?
   (Y/N) stands up slowly and walks over to the others to wake them up. They all groan as they wake up and they look at each other and smile. We all smile. "I know things have been rough," (Y/N) says gently, "but we're back to reality. Back to safety."
   "Back home" Mike says. That's when (Y/N)'s face drops, and so do ours. She looks back at James with sorrow clouding over her eyes. He nods solemnly.
    "You..." She hesitates. "You guys can't go home." Mike stands up swiftly and (Y/N) steps back just as fast.
   "What do you mean we can't go home?" He exclaims furiously. "I want to go home, sleep in my own bed, rest in my own house, start my life again and here you are telling me that I cant!? You're kidding yourself if you think I'm going to stay here." He tries to pry open the door of the helicopter and James hands (Y/N) something. She walk towards Mike cautiously and I catch a glimpse of something shiny in her hand. She holds Mike down and injects his arm with a clear needle. We expect him to sleep immediately, but he doesn't. She helps lift him up and then James comes over and opens the door. James then takes him and carries him out into a car. We all look in shock and confusion as the car drives away.
  "W-what did you do?" Jess asks shakily.
   "I was trying to sedate him. But I couldn't get a vein so now it's intramuscular and will take 15 minutes to actually work." She sighs. "Please don't make me do that again, I'm tired."
   "Why?" Sam asks. "Why can't we go home?"
   "Well, you're all considered 'high risk' in terms of mental stability and we want to keep you with us." (Y/N) looks at me and mouths 'sorry' before breaking into tears. She falls into her knees and cries. I feel the urge to go to her, to comfort her, but another part of me is mad that I cant go home. So I stay still.
   We are asked to get into black cars, the kind you think the government would own. I step out of the helicopter onto a desert kind of surrounding. I think we're in Vegas. I am escorted into the car that the men in black referred to as "delta". I reckon these people are the security. Mike's car had already driven off, so Jess went with Sam, leaving me by myself. Noticing this, (Y/N) walks over to the delta car and tells the man she'll be riding in this car today. He gives her a hesitant nod. She must be in a higher position than these people.
   I get in the car, with (Y/N). We both sit in the back in silence. "Where are we going?" I ask.
    "That's classified." The driver says, not that I was asking him in the first place. (Y/N) turns to me and puts her hand on mine gently.
    "Trust us. You'll be safe and happy." She says, and I can see her honesty through her eyes. We look at each other for a moment, the kind of looking that happens in romantic comedies when they figure out their feelings for each other. However, I must be the only one thinking this way because she quickly shoots me a smile then goes back to reading some files the driver had given her back at the helicopter. Did we just have a moment?

(Sam's p.o.v)

I hate her. I don't normally hate people but gosh do I hate this girl. She has kept the truth from us and lied time after time. It is going too far.
   "Where are we going?" I snap to the driver. He chuckles.
    "Calm down. You'll be okay once we get there. (Y/N) is the best at what she does, so don't doubt her judgement. You're lucky." I scoff. Jess looks extremely confused at the statement too. "I mean it. She's doing everything she can to help you guys. If not for her you'd all have been in a lot more trouble and perhaps even in an asylum."
   "Aren't we going to an asylum?" Jess asks shakily. He chuckles again.
   "Of course not. Do you really think (Y/N) would allow that?"
    "Yes." I reply swiftly. He sighs.
    "She's gonna make sure you're all okay. Why are you so mad about that?"
     "Are you in love with her or something? Seriously, who are you? You're a pretty laid back security guard if you ask me." I state.
    "I'm her boyfriend." He says happily. The pin drops.

(Chris' p.o.v)

The car drive is long. There's nothing to do. I can't even play I-Spy because this windows are blacked out and as I'm in the car with an inspector of sorts and a bodyguard I am not confident I would win. I see (Y/N) fidgeting with a pen. I want to ask what's wrong but she speaks as soon as I try to. "Michael?" She says. He nods and hums in reply. "Is Nate okay?" Who is Nate?
    "Yeah, he's been worried sick though. You had him terrified. He's driving one of the other cars. You'll see him soon." The driver, who I now know is called Michael, says with a straight face. (Y/N) smiles.
   "Whos Nate?" I question.
    "He's my boyfriend." The world turned upside down.

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