Part 26

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Chloe: Yeah? 

Georgie: Oml are you alright?!

Chloe: Yeah thanks... my head hurts though. Did you get out OK?

Georgie: Only just. I tried to get to you, but Lauren took me. She unfortunately got attacked, but she got away just in time. 

Chloe: That gas was so... suffocating.

Georgie: It was supposed to be. Mr Wilson said that it wasn't a deathly to anyone unless they had extreme asthma, and that was why they used it. To trap people, not to hurt them.

Chloe: Omg. Who was taken anyway?

Georgie: Miss Westman said that only a few were actually taken before they aborted the mission. Police came too early for them to get anyone else.

Chloe: But WHO was taken?!

Georgie: I think it was Taylor, Adam, Macie, Elsie, Sam and Trinity. Miss Westman says there were only six taken.

Chloe: Wait, which Adam?

Georgie: Adam L. Shocking, isn't it?

Chloe: Jeez...

Georgie: Well I'm going out to find them.

Chloe: Wait WHAT

Georgie: I can't just let them rot away in some horrible, dark place! They all have lives ahead of them! Adam will probably become a famous rugby player, Taylor a high business man, Elsie a football player, Macie a gorgeous model, Sam a singer, and Trinity will DEFINITELY become an actress. Have you seen her?!

Chloe: Yeah. They're all really talented.

Georgie: That's why I'm going after them. You can come if you wish, but you can stay.

Chloe: Well where are they gonna be?!

Georgie: Imma call Trinity.

Chloe: That's a stupid idea, Georgie. If she's been kidnapped, then the guy who took her would've taken her phone too.

Georgie: But Trin's smart. She'll have hidden it somewhere.

Chloe: I just hope she has it on silent. 

Georgie: Me too. 

Chloe: So when are you calling her?

Georgie: Now.


???: 'Hello?'

Georgie: 'Who is this?'

???: 'Trinity. Who are you?'

Georgie: 'Oh my god I'm SO glad you're OK.'

Trinity: 'Thanks, but who are you?'

Georgie: 'Oh sorry! It's Georgie.'

Trinity: 'The Georgie that I know?'

Georgie: 'Yeah! Who else would it be?'

Trinity: 'I don't know... But I'm scared. I'm really scared.'

Georgie: 'Don't worry, I'm coming to find you.'

Trinity: 'NO! Please don't! They'll capture you too!'

Georgie: 'Well Imma come help or I'll die trying.'

Trinity: 'The thing is, you definitely WILL die trying.'

Georgie: 'I don't care. Your life is more valuable than mine. You'll become a great star when you're older, which is why I'm coming for you.'

Trinity: 'If you're to come, please don't come on your own.'

Georgie: 'I won't. And anyway, I called you to find out where you are. And how did you manage to keep your phone?!'

Trinity: 'Well I put it in my underwear. What else was I supposed to do?! The other's don't have their phones. He took them away.'

Georgie: 'Smart. Where are you?'

Trinity: 'I'm not totally sure. Do you have my Snapchat?'

Georgie: 'Oh yeah! I could check the map.'

Trinity: 'We're not travelling, by the way. He put us in an abandoned house. The leader had left, and I recon there's still some gang members in the house. Please be careful.'

Georgie: 'Miss Westman says there's only six of you missing: you, Macie, Adam, Sam, Elsie and Taylor. Are we right?'

Trinity: 'Almost. There's actually seven of us. You missed Finley.'

Georgie: 'Wait which Finley?'

Trinity: 'Finley F.'

Georgie: 'Once again, didn't expect him to be taken.'

Trinity: 'Me either. Please help us Georgie.'

Georgie: 'I will. I'm leaving the house now to pick up Chloe.'

Trinity: 'It's only gonna be you two?!'

Georgie: 'Yep. Unless we see someone else on the way.'

Trinity: 'I've gotta go. Someone's coming. Please be careful!'


Part 26 (2) coming out soon :p

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