Jade was reclining on her bed the night after that, reading a book with a blanket covering her legs. She had forgotten entirely to thank Tyler for agreeing to let her have some time off, especially by making it work for both of them. Pretending to be with her parents in Miami, Jade had the perfect excuse not to talk to Lukas on the phone and even reply once or twice during the day whenever she felt like it. Even at night, if Lukas called, Jade pretending she was either with her mom or asleep. So she was mentally unoccupied and felt completely at ease.

Suddenly the door of her bedroom shot open, startling her.

"Shit!" she was startled. "What the hell!"

Tyler came hurtling into the room, still in the clothes from last night. He was out of breath and Jade stared at his impatient expression.

"Get up!" he commanded Jade.

"God, where have you been?" Jade sat up straighter. "Have you even slept, Tyler?"

"Never mind that," Tyler said impatiently. "Come on, get up, we have to go."

"Go? Go where?" Jade looked aghast.

"Just come on, Jade," he rushed forwards, taking Jade by the wrist.

"Where? Wait, shouldn't I change?" Jade protested as Tyler pulled her to her feet. She was wearing grey slacks.

"No need," he tried to lead Jade out of the room but she held her footing.

"Tyler -"

"For once in your life, just listen to me, will you?" Tyler snapped and Jade resigned.

"Fine, fine!" she let Tyler pull her out of the suite and quickly into his car.

He began to drive, swerving between the cars and rushing through closed signals. More than once he took detours through deserted streets to avoid the traffic and save time.

"What the hell are you doing, Ty?" Jade demanded, seriously surprised by his hurry, but he didn't answer. "Where are you taking me? Tyler?"

"Can you keep your mouth shut for like ten minutes?" Tyler shot at her and she pursed her lips, fuming.

Before those ten minutes were up however, Tyler stopped the car. He rushed out of the door and came to open the door on Jade's side. She got down and froze.

They were outside an old, deserted building that seemed like an abandoned warehouse. Even though Jade had never consciously been to this place, the place was vaguely familiar. And that was just it; she hadn't been there while she had been conscious. Mathew Savern had brought her here while she was unconscious.

"I take it you recognize it," Tyler guessed from the dumb-founded look on her face. "This is the only abandoned building within LA. Come, I have something to show you."

But Jade didn't move. She was fixed to the spot and wishing she wasn't there, wishing she was anywhere but there. The dark building loomed over her, its empty windows staring down upon her like a dozen-eyed monster. Did the building recognize her too? Just as she recognized it? Did it remember how she had been brutally raped in its premises? Had it cried out in protest at the crime, or had it scoffed at the helplessness of the creature abused within its walls.

"Jade," Tyler tried to awaken her. "Come inside."

"No," Jade cried out, but her voice was only a whisper. "No, Ty, w - why did you - why would you -"

"Jade, listen to me, okay?" Tyler voice was gentle, as he came to stand before her, between her and the building.

Jade shook her head, her breath coming in gasps.

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