Chapter 4

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Zayden's P.O.V

What had I done?! My little one was probably freaking out! He seemed to enjoy it. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I was sitting in class and waiting for my last period to start. Austin had to stay after class, but I was nervous he was going to be scared or not even come.

The class started to fill in, but I was only looking for him. He finally comes in and sits in his seat and starts talking to his friends. I still didn't really like them. I know it's wrong to not like some of my students, but I wanted him all to myself. Yeah, I know I'm being selfish, but I couldn't help it.

"Ok class today we are going to be getting into our pairs. I will be assigning each group a specific Chapter to read and answer some questions to. Now everyone get into your pairs!"

Everyone starts to get into there pairs and sits down. My little one was blushing and looking down at his hands. He's just the cutest little thing. Well to be honest he wasn't so small, but he was smaller then me.

"Alright, now sit tight as I go around and assign each of you to a Chapter"

I start to go around and assign each group to a Chapter. I get to Austin and smile. I lean down and whisper " I'll tell you our Chapter right now little one" I smile wide as I see him shiver

"Alright, now that you each know your Chapter, get to work. I want you to answer the questions and turn it in after class!" I smile and sit next to my baby

"Ok little one, we have Chapter 7. Let's get to work so we can finish quickly." He smiles and nods. We soon finish in about 20 minutes. I thought maybe I would be able to talk to him about yesterday. Not to much though. I'd explain everything to him after class.

"Now little one. Um well how do you feel about what happened yesterday?" I ask nervously.

"I-I um well what do you mean Mr. Mathew?" He blushes and looks down.

"Well what did you think about it?" I look around and make sure everyone is going there work before grabbing his hand in mine.

"Well I um it was weird. I mean in a good way, but why did you in kiss me?" He blushes as he looks at our hands.

"I'll explain everything after class little one." I smile and stand up as the bell rings

"Ok class leave all your papers on my desks and have a great day"

"Are you coming?" Joey asked as him and Nathan stood by the door.

"N-no remember I told you I had detention after school for a month?" He told them

"Oh yeah! Well I'm going to go with Nathan to your house. He wants to see Danny" he smirks and walks out.

They were going to his house?! That I didn't like. If they tired anything on my baby, someone will get hurt.

"Um Mr. Mathew? Are you ok?" He ask in a squeaky voice

"Oh yes little one. Now um well I've got some explaining to do, don't I?"

"Well I guess so" he smiles

"Ok well let's see, you know how I told you, you were mine, no are mine? Well you are. You're my mate" I look to see his expression. He looked confused.

"Ok well hmmm. I'm a werewolf. The alpha." I bit my lip and get closer to him.

"You're a werewolf? Really?" He laughs a bit.

"What? You don't believe me? Ok well I guess I have to show you." I smile and grab his hand. I grab our stuff and head to my car. I open the door for him and close it when he climbs in. I put our stuff in the back of the car and climb in the drivers seat. I drive us to the forest and park.

"Ok come on little one" I smile and climb out and run to his side to open his door.

I grab his hand in mine and walk further into the forest. Once we're deep into the forest, I let go of his hand and move away. I start getting naked and chuckle when he blushes and covers his eyes.

"Oh you're just to cute. Soon you'll be the one undressing me" He blushes a deeper red and turns a bit.

"Ok I'm going to turn." I say nervously and start turning into my wolf. I bark a bit to get his attention. He looks and stands there in shock. I walk towards him but he just walk backwards, looking scared. I whimper and come closer

Was he really scared of me? I would never hurt him. My wolf didn't like to the thought of scaring him, not one bit. He was crying, thinking he was causing our little one to be scared. I walk closer and hope he'd see we were no harm.

Ahhh I'm so sorry I haven't uploaded! I know this chapter sucks but I'm trying my best to upload! I promise the next one will be good!

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