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A letter from an anonymous sender to Violetta Song, Present day...


I'm sorry that I'm too shy to tell you in person, but I've had a crush on you for a while now. I love the way you laugh, it sounds like music. I love how careful you are, I wish I was like that too. I love the way you always seem to be tapping when you zone out, I always wonder what song it is.

I know you don't know who I am and that might be weird, but when I saw you run out of the cafeteria crying because of something Gerald said about "no one ever wanting to date you because you're so quiet" I knew I had to tell you that more people want to date you than you think, even if I'm too scared to tell you who I am right now. I promise I'm not some weirdo or anything, I'm just a boy kind-of-sort-of holding out to see if you like me too.

See you around,

Your Secret Admirer

Violetta Song after reading the letter

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Violetta Song after reading the letter...Present Day

Violetta covered her mouth with her hand in shock, tears welling in her eyes. Was this... true? Could this be true? Was it too much to hope? To Dream? She'd never heard of anyone having a crush on her before. It was always Claire the boys gave their hearts to. Violetta was just the quiet backdrop, Claire's shadow, so the fact that someone liked her was... odd.

Before she could start to think of who it could be, Alexander knocked on her open door frame. He was over today for Friday dinner, the one day a week he actually came home for a meal. Usually he had a shift for the CFR at the typical dinner time, and dinner time was the only time that all of the Songs could get together in one area for a short amount of time since everyone was so busy.

Honestly, even after six years of Alexander not living at home, it was still kind of strange not seeing him every day. Alexander used to take care of Violetta all the time when she was little. He was always the one to take her to the Dizznees or, when both of their parents were busy, to the park, before and after Henry came. After Henry was born, their parents put a lot of their focus on the new baby, so Alexander always had a watchful eye for her. It was Alexander who taught her how to ride a bike and Alexander who caught her before she slipped into the deeper end of the lake when swimming, not her parents. Sure, she loved her parents and they took care of her, but Alexander always held a special place in her heart. Even now that he had a job, he still took time to see her by sometimes meeting her at the Foxfire leap masters after school so they could go somewhere together, usually to the ice cream place down the street from Slurps N' Burps. He always asks Henry if he wants to come too, but Henry always curtly says no and goes home. Violetta had never understood why Henry was always so rude to Alexander, but she supposed it had something to do with Alexander not being able to spend time with him when growing up, as Henry was their mother's lap warmer for many years after he was born.

"Violetta, it's time for dinner- hey, what's wrong?" Alexander walked into the room, frowning a little.

"I have a secret admirer," she smiled, though the smile was more filled with confusion than anything.

"Isn't that a good thing? Or is he creepy, because I can kick his a-"

"It's not creepy, it's really... sweet."

Alexander looked at her skeptically and put his arm around her shoulders, "Then why are you crying?"

Violetta mumbled and Alexander gave her a look that read, "Tell me now or I'm going to assume the worst and act on my assumptions." which probably involved hunting the guy down and hitting him with Kesler's smelly string shooter a few times.

"Gerald told me he didn't think anyone could date me because I'm quiet," she admitted.

Alexander inhaled sharply, "That rat, I'm gonna-"

"No, just leave it alone. Clearly he was wrong, right?" Violetta held up the letter with a small smile. "Let's let him be wrong."

"Are you sure, because I can-"

"Yes, I'm sure," Violetta nodded, "I don't need to get hung up on some jerk. I've got better things to do with my time."

Her older brother smiled at her, proud, and pulled her into a hug, kissing the top of her forehead, "Okay. But if you need me to-"

"Kick his butt?" she guessed, "You'll be the first person I call."

Alexander nodded and their mother called them for dinner, probably wondering what was taking them so long. The siblings pulled apart, making their way down for dinner, and Violetta couldn't help but daydream about who her mystery man could be the entirety of dinner. Someone out there had a crush on her, and Violetta was going to figure out who.

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