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Jaden's pov

We sat by the lake and looked into the water,Harry and Luna were talking,Avry was eyeing her really weirdly.

''Your really buff harry.''Luna went on.

''I'm done.''Avry growled and me and Draco glanced at eachother,Avry shoved Luna into the water and Harry gasped,looking in.

''Avry!''Harry yelled in panic as you could see Luna's pale arms waving frantically.

''Oh my god!''I hid in Draco's arms.

''Help!''Luna struggled but before any of us could get in she sank down and down.

There was bubbles were she was and avry seemed like she regretted that really quickly.

Then we were about to leave when Luna's body floated to the top,Harry grabbed her slowly and put her on the dock and looked at her,her eyes were white completely and she was lifeless.

''I--I didn't mean to k-kill h-h-her..!''Avry started tearing up and she hugged Harry as Harry seemed to be crying.

''I'm sorry I need to go..''Harry broke free of Avry's grasp and ran off,crying.

Avry looked broken as she ran after Harry.

I looked at Draco and we bent down and I held Luna's hand and Draco's.

''I'm so sorry loony..''Draco mumbled.

I have never seen Draco act like this before to Luna,he never liked her and everyone bullied her,also everybody thought him and Luna were siblings. I was always pretty good friends with Luna,she was only forced to like Harry so kelsey could get Draco. Kelsey ended up dieing in her own bathroom,she drowned herself just like Luna. But avry let her jealously take over and she didn't mean to kill her. We all promised to tell anybody who wondered what happened to Luna that she fell and drowned.

~~Week Later~~

We sat in our hut and we stayed in complete silence,I held Draco's hand as he seemed depressed about Luna's death,they did know eachother since they were four years old and now Draco is 18 and Luna was 17,along with me and Avry.

''Its okay.''I muttered to Draco and he tiredly rested his head on my lap,trying to fall asleep but he hadn't gotten good sleep since Luna's death again,he gazed up at me,I stared down tiredly as Harry and Avry were mumbling to eachother,we were on the couch as me and Draco gazed at eachother for a long time,his grey eyes were tired and were filled with sorrow,I felt my blue eyes burning with sadness,avry shifted as she rested her head on Harry's shoulder,Harry seemed tired too,he looked like he was having trouble staying awake,he closed his eyes and Draco did as well,me and avry staring down at our boyfriends.

''It's not your fault.''I spoke up.

''It is. I killed her. My jealously filled and I couldn't save her--''Avry started crying.

''You didn't know..''I muttered and fell asleep as well,I could hear avry whining and she finally fell asleep an hour later.

I'm sorry Luna. Me and Draco and Harry love and miss you dearly.

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