SaTzu Shorts Ep. 5 presents Fluffy SaTzu

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Hope you enjoy some SaTzu text. Just a filler. Not related to the actual plot.



Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Baby Tzutzu~

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Yes, my squirrel?

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: I miss you already TT

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Sana, I'm just in my office. Also, I just left the house 5 mins. ago

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: But still I miss you, my baby Tzutzu~

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: *sigh* My squirrel is such a baby

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Correction: Your baby *wink*

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: You're such a cutie but sexy in the bed ;)

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Chou Tzuyu!

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Haha! I'm just telling the truth, okay?

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: What are you doing now?

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Obviously texting my cutie-sexy squirrel. I can't focus on my work when you are talking to me though but that's okay.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Aww, I'm sorry Tzuyu :(

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: I said it's okay, Sana. There's not much work that I could do so I'll review them later.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Why did you text though?

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: O-oh! About that... Hehe

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Tell me, Sana.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Promise me that you will not get mad at me!

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Sana...

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Just promise me TT

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: /sigh/ Okay. I promise not to get mad at my baby squirrel.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: yourfavoriteplateaccidetallybrokeintosmallpieceswhileIwaswashingthedishesearlier.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Sana? Please add spaces. My eyes are hurting.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: I said your favorite plate accidentally broke into small pieces while I was washing the dished earlier.


Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Baby Tzu~ I'm fine I swear. Please calm down. I already called the maid to clean in up.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: /sigh/ You should have let the housemaids to clean those dishes. I'm glad you weren't hurt. Please tell me if something bad happens to you, okay?

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Wait, aren't you mad about what happened your favorite plate?

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: No, I'm not. I'll be mad if got hurt.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Your safety is more important than my favorite plate. I can find and buy a new one.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: But someone like you is hard to find.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Aww. You're too sweet. You're making me cry, baby Tzutzu...

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Ya! Don't cry, please. Or else, I'll go home.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: ...

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: I love you so much, Minatozaki Sana

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: /blushes/ Are you confessing to me now, Tzuyu?

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: What are you talking about?

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: You're my wife for over a year now. Did you perhaps forgot, Sana?

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: No~ But it looks like you're confessing to me like before. I thought I was dreaming back then. My longtime crush has confessed to me.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: I can't explain the happiness that I felt that day.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Hehe, I'm sorry if I didn't notice you earlier. I was pretty dumb and dense back then.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: It's okay, baby Tzutzu~

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: At least you knelt in front of me and asked my hand with my whole family watching.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: I'm glad you said yes. If not, I don't have a plan B.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: I will always say yes, Tzuyu.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Yeah thank you, baby. I'll confess to you everyday. I'll court you every day. I'll marry you every single day. To show people and to prove that I really love you so much.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Only God knows how much.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Tzuyu-ya! You better go home now. I'll give you hugs and kisses.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: There's something I also forgot.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: I'll make love to you every single fucking day. So, save those hugs and kisses for later night ;)

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: Shit, Tzu. You better go home once your shift ends or I'll be the one who will go there and we will do it in your desk.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Oh~ Getting desperate and needy, aren't we? Okay, baby squirrel. I'll go and do my work so I can go home early.

Cutie-sexy squirrel 🐹💕: You better! Don't keep your wife waiting.

Tall bby Tzutzu 😘💕: Sure, baby girl.


I'll update tomorrow. I promise haha!

No no no no What is Love? Kekeke I'm excited!


credits to v_primaleon, my twin sister, who gave a concept on today's ep. of SaTzu shorts :D



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